Sunday, 13 November 2011

My first product review!

Hello World!
So this, as the title suggests, is my first product review, now it's nothing exciting and to be honest I would much rather have reviewed something exciting such as a hairbrush that can apply your lipstick and tidy your room at the same time but sadly... until i get on inventing one of those this review will just have to do.

Now I'd just like to request that whoever is reading this ( which i do gather at the moment is nobody) please excuse the state of my nails! I was desperate to get my blog started and if I kept putting it off I would never have got round to it so it was a bit slap dash and no I didnt have time for a full Manicure before painting them sadly.

Enough of the ramble! More of the beauty...

The product I am reviewing today is the new beautyuk nail gift set.  I have number 4 - west end girl which is totally up my street! The colours are well on trend with a rusty red colour included as well as a khaki green and deep purple.  Now i have only applied two colours so far, one of which I am totally in love with and the other not so much

This rusty red colour applied amazingly well, this was just one very quick coat however there was absolutely no need for another coat in my opinion, now just to let you know I never apply a base coat or top coat to my nails so this is straight on the nail. I am in love with this colour which is perfect for Autumn.  This dried in lliterally 2 minutes and had none of that silly denting or smudging half an hour later.  I literally have nothing bad to say about this colour, the other one i tried however is a slightly different story...

Now I had very high hopes for this colour, I thought it would be the perfect nude easy-going, no fuss colour for everyday however it streaked even with two coats, and because it took two coats it took longer to dry, though not much longer (like 5 minutes maybe..) I guess im still satisfied with the overall result of this colour and as the other colour there has been no chipping after two days.

The best thing about these beautyuk nail gift sets....THE PRICE!!! at £4.99 RRP I think its a steal for 6 polishes and to be honest I expected much less from these than what they gave me and now i want the rest of the sets!! There are four gift sets in total and are fairly new to stores.  I picked mine up in my local Superdrug store however you can also buy them online here beautyuk and to celebrate the recent launch of their website they are offering all UK customers free shipping to any UK address before the 1st December 2011, so what are you waiting for?! These sets are perfect for christmas!

Disclaimer: I paid for these products with my own money, as this is my first blog post I doubt anyone would be sending me free things anyway.  so you can rest assured that this is my own honest review

Ciao for now World! xoxo

First Blog!!

Hello world!
This is my first ever blog post, quite an iconic day for me.  I have been wanting to do this for so long but didn’t have the courage or was always too busy, well now’s the time for it I think.
I suppose I had better tell you all a bit about me, as special as I am! Haha
I am 24 years old, I’m a female who lives in London and I have just qualified as a registered nurse, one of the hardest but most rewarding and life changing experiences of my life.  But now that I have my degree and nothing can change that I guess I can take a break from nursing the sick in order to pursue my love of makeup.  I’m intrigued by all things glamorous and glittery, glossy and gorgeous and I’m just here to share my experiences with you – the world
So keep reading if you would just like to know my opinion on all things beauty related...