Thursday, 27 March 2014

Beauty from the inside...

I felt like blogging today! Now that hasn't happened in a very long time... So I figured while the mood was right I should just run with it!
I haven't done a healthy eating post in a very long while so I figured why not start there! I've always believed that while a good skincare regime is important its equally as important if not more to feed yourself from within.  I know I bang on about it a lot in my health posts but if it feels good on the inside, it'll show on the outside.

Drink lots of water! Water helps aid digestion, helps keep your body well hydrated, works wonders for glowy skin and has 0 calories!  If you're like me and don't think water tastes as good as a can of diet coke try adding some fresh fruit to your bottle of water and popping it in the fridge to keep it nice and fresh.  My favourites are lemon slices, strawberry and kiwi chunks and blueberries for that extra antioxidant hit!  Drinking a glass of water half an hour before your meal will ensure you probably eat a bit less and having another glass half an hour after your meal will help aid digestion.

Don't skip breakfast! It sounds so simple but it really really helps!  Eating a well balanced healthy breakfast will keep you going until lunchtime, it'll stop you from craving sugar and fats mid morning and give you all the energy you need to achieve your full potential rather than feeling lethargic and grouchy like I often did.  My favourite breakfast choices have become porridge oats with 1% milk topped with blueberries and sometimes a cheeky banana if I'm feeling devilish or A slice of wheat free toast topped with rocket leaves, poached egg and sliced smoked salmon....mmmm delish!

Freeze your fruits! Buying larger fruits or fruits in bulk means you can freeze what you don't eat immediately, frozen fruits taste great in smoothies or just as they are as a refreshing hit and it means you don't waste what doesn't get eaten the day you buy them.

Switch to Coconut Oil! The apparent benefits to this new wonder product are endless so obviously I had to jump on the Coconut Oil bandwagon!  Now I've not been cooking with it long enough to sing its praises too much just yet but according to the numerous articles that have popped up recently the possibilities are endless with this product.  You can cook with it, cleanse your face with it, condition your hair with it, moisturize your body with it as well as it's endless digestive and medicinal properties.  I'll leave you to make your minds up about this one for now while I continue to test it out.

Until next time