Saturday, 27 October 2012

Nivea Lip Butters...

Hey there Beautiful people.  I know I've been absent for a while and I'd like to have a viable reason to give other than 'life got in the way' but it did.  Many a time I sat down to blog but felt it was forced and where's the fun in that?!  I'm back today with a quick review of something which instantly caught my eye in Superdrug the other day and had me thinking...'I'll have to blog about those later..'
It's the new Nivea Lip Butters.  They come in three different 'flavours' with 'Original' being the one I figured I could pass on but the two I have I'm in love with.  Caramel Cream smells like sugary vanilla cupcakes but not in a sickly sweet artificial way, whereas raspberry rose smells a bit zingyer, like raspberry sweets.  Both are solid in texture but melt to the touch and apply like a thick feeling butter on the lips.  They don't feel sticky or gloopy and I have a feeling these are going to be travelling everywhere with me as the weather turns much colder.  Now for £1.49 each they're not exactly going to work miracles but it does provide adequate moisture for a fair few hours and they smell and taste so yummy that I don't mind the re-application process one bit!
I feel like I should be doing a lot of talking and updating but there's not really much to say...I'm still waiting to start work which is annoying as I'm eager to get my hands dirty.  CRB check pending I should be on my way back to nursing the sick very soon, fingers crossed.  I'm also on the hunt for new skincare as usual.  I can't seem to get it set so I'm drinking gallons of water in the hopes that it'll clear itself up.  Any recommendations from you lovely lot would be much appreciated :D
Until Next Time
Ciao For Now World