Friday, 30 March 2012

100 Follower Giveaway...* NOW CLOSED*

Hey there beautifuls

Now I don't know about you guys but when I think of  giveaway I want to give something to everybody!  As the bank man wont allow me to do that I'll just have to give what I can. 

In a nutshell you get one of my beloved Natural Collection apple and Lime body spray, 2 Revlon nail polishes ( a bright coral and a light golden shimmer), A Barry M dazzle Dust, various different shadows including a Rimmel duo, an MUA single shadow, A Loreal Color Minerals Eye shadow, A Loreal Mineral blush, a me me me concealer, Rimmel soft khol liner, Mua gloss, a Body shop Cranberry shower gel, a few samples of various thingies, some love hearts, a bag of mini eggs AND obviously this being a bit of a health blog too I've thrown a few different flavour samples of Twinings teas. PHEW! I wish I could've thrown in a lot more but I pretty much filled up the bag and shipping it is going to be tricky! hehe
All items are new and where possible sealed :D

Due to the weight of the goodies I'm afraid this can only be a UK based giveaway.  I will be doing an international one soon I promise!

The rooools!

1. You must be a follower (it's pretty self explanatory but this is a giveaway for my followers therefore it should be exclusively for them)

2.  You must comment on this post and not any other as let's face it...I'm lazy and I like things simple! hehe

3.  Please comment stating 1. which one of my posts you liked the most 2. What post you'd like to see from me in the near future and 3. you may ask me one question...please keep them clean people!  Obviously if I feel they're too personal I won't answer but I shall do my very best.

4.  This is a giveaway and the winner will need to disclose their address for me to post the items. I know you can't really see me but you can rest assured all your personal details will be treated with the utmost care and confidentiality.  This also means that if you're under the age of 16 please ensure you have a parent or guardian's permission to disclose your personal details.

5. In your comment please also leave me an email address or some way of contacting you should you win.

A very big thank you again for following and all new followers are welcome so get clicking that little tiny 'follow' button and I'll be yer friend forever :D
well I guess that's all there is left to say except...

'Happy giveaway...and may the odds be ever in your favour!'

March Faves 2012...

Hey there Beautiful ladies

Just thought I'd share with you my favourites for the month of March seeing as very soon we will be heading on over to April!! April gets me excited, not only are there little fluffy bunnies and cute little duckies everywhere you go but it's also my birthday month!

Yup, I'll be hitting the old 25 very soon, quarter of a century! Thats quite an achievement I'd say...

And for those excited for the giveaway I shall be posting all details about it tomorrow (31st March) and the winner will be announced a week later (7th April) I've been out shopping for the giveaway today and I think I have everything I need (I've actually been collecting things for quite a while hehe) so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Now for the faves, First up is the Boots natural collection apple and lime body spray
I've been loving spraying this throughout the day especially now the weather's been a bit nicer.  It's a guilt free way of re-spraying as you don't waste your expensive perfume but still smell lovely and fruity.  This scent reminds me of DKNY Be Delicious (the apple shaped one) It has a very distinct green apple scent but much lighter and fresher, I havent really noticed the Lime much but there is a citrusy hint.  Now this is a mist so it doesn't last very long but then I don't think it's supposed to.  It's one of things to keep in your bag and spray when you need a freshen up.

I've loved going through my collection of makeup recently and discovering items that I'd put away ages go, like this Clinique Up-lighting Liquid illuminator
I have shade 01- Natural.  This leaves a lovely light sheen wherever you choose to apply, I tend to dab a teensie bit on the tops of the old cheeks for a lovely glow.  It's quite light a creamy but not thick and gloopy the shimmer is very small, you can only really catch it in the sunlight so no chance of looking like a disco ball here. This is also something I think you can mix in with your foundation for a lovely all over radiance and the darker shade would be a lovely bronzer for the summer. 
I've been favouring my cream shadows over my powders a lot lately, I just love the light wash of colour on the lids and the fact you don't need to faff about with brushes, it's simple easy effective carefree makeup which I LOVE! 
Recently I've been using the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hr cream shadows in On and On Bronze and of course my beloved Mac Rubenesque Paintpot.
Both are hassle free to use and both have a similar consistency. If I was to compare, Rubenesque tends to last just a little bit longer before slight creasing occurs however both have the same solid consistency which warms to the touch and applies creamy and blendible.

For the lips I've been loving my brights! especially my beloved Maybelline colour sensational lippies.
Especially 420 - Coral pop which is my absolute fave at the moment.  It's a bright orangey coral with a matte finish which I love.  The colour last for ages and then fades nicely to a stain but you do need to top up after 5 or so hours and you definitely need a balm beforehand or it'll sit in the lines.

I also recently bought this gorgeous S ring from topshop and I've been loving it! One problem is I have teeny tiny fingers and although I got a size small it still falls off, anyone got any DIY ideas to make this stay put because I loves it so much, If your names begins with S you'll know just how exciting it is to find 'S' jewellery in stock, it normally sells out first bt I saw this and had to have it and at £5 it was a steal I think, I also wanted a J to complete the name but they didn't have any :(

I think I'll keep it short and sweet and leave it at that but don't forget t stop by tomorrow for all details for my up and coming giveaway and a quick look at the prizes you could win.

What are your faves for this month? and how do I keep my darn ring from falling off (even falls off my thumb) :(

Thanks for checking in, thanks to all my gorgeous followers and thank you all for your lovely comments, even if I sometimes forget to reply to them, I do read each and every one of them.

Ciao for now world


Thursday, 29 March 2012

100 followers!!! Aaaaaah! Exciting!

Howdy beauts!

Well this is rather exciting! Obviously those with squillions of followers will have long outlived the 100 milestone but for me it's all fresh and new and very very EXCITING! Did I mention it's exciting?!

Obviously I should be thanking each and every one of you amazing lot so of course there will be a giveaway.  I'm currently collecting things for the giveaway which will have a little bit of everything in it (including some choccy...oooh yum!) But thank you again, whether you followed today or last year I still gots love for ya! And when life gets you down and everything's looking rather pants :( it's nice to know that there are lovely people out there leaving me lovely little comments and liking my humble little bloggie!

Now there will very soon be a post will all the technicalities  and a look at all the goodies you can win, but this is just a post to acknowledge just how beautiful and amazing each and every one of you is, and to thank you very very much for taking time out of your busy lives to read my posts and like them enough to follow!

Phew! People do say I talk a lot!

Enough waffling for now but I shall be seeing you all very soon with my giveaway details.  Until then...

Ciao for now World :D


Saturday, 24 March 2012

Oops, Look what happened by accident... (haul)

Hey there Beautifuls

This post is the product of a few recent hauls combined...

I was a bit naughty and I actually have a bit more to show you but I figured that can be saved for another post as I only got them yesterday.  I needed to cheer myself up a bit, been having a bit of a rough time lately and thought...'I KNOW! I'LL SHOP'  Shopping is always the answer isn't it?

so here are some of the things I picked up...

The superdrug chocolate dry shampoo, an MUA nail varnish, Rimmel eyebrow pencil (I neglect my brows and never bother to fill them in so this will be a cheap way of having an experiment...MONOBROW HERE I COME! :D)and some antibacterial wipes (yes those are just to satisfy the nurse in me)

Now that the weather's been nicer I've been using body mists and sprays when I noticed just how quickly I was going through my expensive perfumes.  I love these natural collection ones from Boots.  The Apple and Lime is my favourite, I would describe it as being a very light and slightly more citrussy version of the DKNY be delicious perfume and obviously being a body spray this lasts about an hour before you need a freshen up.  The Passion fruit is a sweet, light and fruity scent and again doesn't last but great for cooling yourself down and freshening up.  They're priced at £2 each and my reason for buying 3?! 3 for 2 of course!

I've been Nail polish obsessed recently! I've bought so many I've lost count!  Above are Barry M's Peach Melba and Mint Green, perfect spring pastels and can't wait to paint these on

This is my little baby at the moment! Topshop's Hypnotic from the new Sisters of the new moon collection.  My crappy pictures just dont do this justice but definitely have a look next time you're in a topshop as the multitonal greys, purples and blues will have you hypnotised! I can guarantee it! If you find this is sold out in stored maybe try Topshop's Mermaid from their permanent line as it's very similar.  Price £6.50

These Nail Rock Nail wraps were a complete and utter impulse buy.  In fact now I sit here looking at them I'm a bit diasappointed in myself for buying these.  There's only enough for two or three uses and priced at roughly the same as the Hypnotic I think I could have just picked up another pretty nail polish that would have lasted me months.  Alas I am a trooper and I shall be making the most of these..if not maybe a blog sale? Would anybody be interested in these?

These were my most exciting buy! I finished The hunger games in two days and after the last page I knew I needed parts 2 and 3 in my life and sharpish! I cuddled these all the way home...Yes it's a pretty picture isn't it? a grown woman cuddling two fiction novels as if they were quite literally her babies?! Tesco had a 2 for £7 offer so in your face WHSmith! (£7.99 for one!!)

Well guys I hope this was interesting for some of you and definitely expect some NOTD's very soon along with more hauls.  Hello to all the new subscribers! It makes me so happy to see you all.  I think once I hit 100 followers I'll be doing a giveaway for sure to say thank you to you all.

I do apologise again for the lack of posting but life's been taking one of those 'Bleurgh' turns.  And now I'm off to enjoy the sun and maybe a little more shopping...? WHY NOT! hehe

Until next time

Ciao for now World


Monday, 19 March 2012

Superdrug Vitamin E Hot cloth cleanser

Hey there Beautifuls,

This is just a quick review on a product that I've been trying out recently.  This is my first ever dabble in the hot cloth cleanser world and although I havent tried the ever so famous 'Liz Earle' yet I'm loving this substitute.  It's specially formulated for normal/dry skin which is brilliant for me.  This helps to combat my flakies as I like to call them (flaky skin patches) which I must say is a pretty hard task. 

This has a very creamy thick consistency which you're to massage on your face (makeup and all).  This does get off the stubborn mascara and liner if you take the time to be gentle with the cloth. The box comes with a muslin cloth which i've not shown because I lost it behind my bed a few days ago and haven't quite mustered up the courage to delve into the unknown to retrieve it but I've just been using my Body Shop Muslin cloths which do just as good a jobby.  The instructions are all pretty clear on the back of the bottle and I find that the splash of cold water after really helps!  I'm left with soft, glowy, and moisturised skin.  This has now replaced my st Ives apricot scrub, which I felt was becoming a bit too harsh for my skin and frankly at the ripe old age of 24 (I'm going to be 25 soon!) I feel like I should be much kinder to my skin.

You can pick this up from Superdrug for £3.99 although they may have upped the price to £5.99 now.  Either way It's still worth it.  You get a whopping 200mls which will last you absolutely ages and it's still cheaper than the £14ish for the Liz Earle.

If you've tried any other hot cloth cleansers that you've found to work really well please let me know in the comments below and if you can recommend some good skincare in general for a 24 yr old that would be even better

Until next time

Ciao for now World


Friday, 16 March 2012

Kony 2012

Hey there beautifuls

This is just a quick post to ask what your views are on the recent 'Kony' video that's been flying around youtube and the whole 'invisible children' campaign.  I'm always the first to be skeptical about something, I'll mull things over for hours and hours on end and when it came to doing this post I thought long and hard for days.  I didn't know if it was 'for real' and I'm not really one for forwarding links but after watching this (and I actually watched it to the end) I figured what harm could it do to forward it to you all and let you make your own minds up about KONY 2012.

Please watch this video, it'll take a very small proportion of your day and you won't lose anything but it could make a big difference...

Ciao for now world...


Sunday, 11 March 2012

You are what you eat!

Howdy Beautifuls,

This is just a quick post that I thought might be a bit interesting...

I've picked a few of the things I've really been loving to eat and drink recently and dissected the contents to see just what these things have been doing to my body.  What benefits they have and how they affect the function of my body and mind.  So as the saying goes...'you are what you eat...'  Well this is what I eat so I guess this is what I am...

Morning Green Tea
I'm quite partial to a nice cuppa coffee in the morning but I'm trying to change all that now.  I Now have a cup of green tea in the morning.  Green Tea is full of antioxidants, it has cardiovascular benefits as well as helping to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.  Green tea helps to raise the body's metabolic rate and stimulates fat oxidation.

Black grapes
I love Black and red grapes, so much more than white grapes.  Research suggests that the regular consumption of black grapes can be used to treat as well as help to prevent heart disease.  They actually trigger a process in certain genes which help to repair and reduce damage to cardiac muscles.  Black grapes are also beneficial for brain function.

Pistachio Nuts
Just recently I've become addicted to these little buggers, the non salted kind of course!  Pistachios contain over 30 different vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  They are great for snacking on and are very high in fibre, protein and antioxidants and even have an effect on blood lipid meaning they help lower cholesterol and protect cardiovascular health

Did you know that dark chocolate contains 8 times more antioxidants than strawberries? well it does apparently.  And It's great for anti aging! Now it's only really dark chocolate that has the health benefits which I dont really eat so I guess I'm cheating just a little bit here...

Milk and dairy is full of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and protein which are all essential for healthy bone growth, strength and development. It's also great for the toothicals. Studies have shown those that consume a moderate amount of milk a day are likely to be slimmer and are at a lower risk of cardiac disease and type 2 diabetes.

Now obviously I eat a lot more but these are things that I've been consuming pretty much on a daily basis so I guess I'm about 75% made up of these things!  From the looks of it I'll have a very healthy ticker! *touch wood*

Hope this was interesting for you peeps and I'd love to know what you're all made up of

comment below and dont forget to click the little follow button for more beauty and health related blog posts :D

Until next time
Ciao for now

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Febbie Faves...

Howdy doody folks?

As we have well and truly kissed goodbye to February, it's time for Febbie Favourites!

Now these are just going to be things I'm loving right now that I havent previously raved about already (nope no more E45 and Volume Million Lashes all get the idea I love those all throughout the year).

I recently finished my E45 and thought, I'll wait a while and finish one of my many accumulated moisturisers before re-purchasing so I've been loving my Body Shop Mango body butter.  It's specially formulated for very dry skin and has a very thick consistency. I've been using this on my face for those stubborn dry patches at night, on my footsies to get them nice and prepped for spring and summer and anywhere I've needed it really.  It has a bit of a mango yoghurt sort of smell which I love and the smell lingers on the skin for a good few hours.
I've given my Photoready a rest for the past few weeks as my skin has been in pretty good nick and I've been using a sheer wash of clinique's supermoisture foundation, It's a lightweight yet kind of thick foundation with buildable coverage and leaves your skin with a dewy finish (think photoready but lighter).  It doesn't feel heavy on the skin, in fact I hardly even notice it when I'm wearing it.
I've also given my elf black cream liner a rest and been using a pencil liner smudged on the top lash-line and top and bottom water-lines for a bit of a more smokey look than a solid cat-eye.  The one I happen to be using at the mo is Revlon's grow luscious in 001 Onyx, It stays put for  fair few hours but will fade on the water-line after about 4-5 hours and will smudge a little if you have oily lids but to be fair I kinda like that lived in smudgy liner look.

For my lips I've pretty much just been using balms and tints, not really a lipstick or a lipgloss sorta girl unless I'm wearing a full face of makeup but the past few weeks have been minimal makeup weeks so I've just been using my Body Shop sweet lemon lip butter sometimes with a bit of Sleek pout polish in powder pink over the top.

For the lids I've been using my Sleek limited edition eyeshadow pallette from the Avoir La Peche collection, it has some lovely spring appropriate colours, great pigmentation for the price and a lovely mix of matte and shimmery shades with a few smokey colours thrown in for good measure.

Those are really the only 'new' products I've been using last month, I'm still loving my Mac paintpot in Rubenesque and my Look Beauty blush in Rosy.

What have been your February Faves? Please leave me comments and don't forget to click the follow button for more beauty and health related posts :D

Until next time...

Ciao for now!

Friday, 2 March 2012

The best things in life are free...

Hello Beauties!

This is a bit of a mini haul, I went for a my local shopping centre which obviously meant that I would be spending some money :(

I've almost finished my Volume Million Lashes and thought what better time to stock up than when there's a 3 for 2 jobby going on in superdrug.  So I picked up two and got the new Loreal Nude Magique BB cream for free (£9.99) I got the one for Fair skin tones as the medium was way to orange for my skin and even swatching the fair it seemed just a tad dark but it claims to adapt to the skin so I'm hoping it'll do that on the face.  My skin's been pretty good recently so I've been rewarding it by applying as little makeup as possible and this seemed like a good compromise between me not being able to leave the house completely bare faced and me caking on the foundation like war paint! I will let you guys know how I get on with this as it's my first dip into the BB world.

I Had to make a bee-line towards primark obviously because one day of relatively tepid weather and I just needed some cute sandals in my life!

I picked up these cute, nude coloured ones for £2.50

And these lovely Jade green ones for £4.00

I also saw these cute sunnies for £2.00 and thought...Meh why not?  Now I just need the sun to come out please! *flutters eyelashes*

I also picked up this glass nail file from poundland, I wanted to see what all the glass nail file hype was all about and thought what better than two for a pound! ncluding is a large file and a mini and they're pink! :D It's the simple things that make me happy...

Best of all I was browsing through the magazine racks in superdrug and saw that Marie Claire were giving away a Neal's Yard Rose moisturiser free with the mag.  I used to use this back in my first year of uni and it was wonderful, as I smell it now I'm getting flashbacks of summer in Halls playing table tennis in the common room or sitting on me bed revising with the sun shining through and the wind blowing through the open windows...ok my moment of nostalgia over this cream smells gorgeous and luxurious, is brilliantly hydrating and you only ever need the tiniest amount! You will honestly feel as though you've slathered a hundred rose petals on your face and your skin will thank you for it.  I'm currently in the process of using up my lancome moisturiser so I'm saving this for warmer weather. I'm so happy I got this and for only £3.70! Bargain!

If you know me, and some of you know me all too well, then you'll know my skin is very dry and sensitive and clinique should be thanked immensely for being so kind to my poor skin!  So when I saw that Cosmopolitan were giving away two mini sized clinique products I thought, I'll have me some of that! I picked the one which had the mascara instead of the lipgloss just because I never really use lipgloss (I'm more of a balm and tint kind of girl) and I've actually tried this mascara before so I know It's brilliant.  I also got the 7 day scrub cream exfoliator because I've just run out of my St Ives apricot scrub and thought this would last me a couple of weeks before I picked up my St Ives again!

So girls, the best things in life are deffo free I'd say, I'd recommend picking up these mags just for the freebies!  what things have you guys picked up recently?

I also had a browse through Topshop's makeup and there were so many things that I wanted I thought I'd better do my research on this one!  Have any of you lovely ladies got any topshop makeup recommendations for me as knowing me I'll probably end up picking up everything!

please comment and follow my blog for more posts

until next time!

Ciao for Now world :D