Friday, 16 March 2012

Kony 2012

Hey there beautifuls

This is just a quick post to ask what your views are on the recent 'Kony' video that's been flying around youtube and the whole 'invisible children' campaign.  I'm always the first to be skeptical about something, I'll mull things over for hours and hours on end and when it came to doing this post I thought long and hard for days.  I didn't know if it was 'for real' and I'm not really one for forwarding links but after watching this (and I actually watched it to the end) I figured what harm could it do to forward it to you all and let you make your own minds up about KONY 2012.

Please watch this video, it'll take a very small proportion of your day and you won't lose anything but it could make a big difference...

Ciao for now world...



  1. Hiya hun, I've been trying to email you at the email you left in my giveaway post but it keeps coming back as failed.

    My giveaway ended today and you won so if you could email me your details I'll get the package posted off to you by next week :]