Friday, 25 May 2012

Tool Review...Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection sponge

Hey there Beauts!

I was out shopping yesterday...As you do on a Thursday afternoon! And came across the Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection sponge in Superdrug.  I remembered hearing a bit about this and reading a few rave reviews so I picked it and thought...'meh it's £4.99 so if it all goes horribly wrong atleast I havent spent £20 on a brush'.  Thankfully for me...It all went horribly RIGHT!

In my opinion this is the best bloomin' thing since sliced bread!  I believe this is the UK's version of the 'Beauty Blender' and does pretty much the same job but trust me this makes your foundation just blend into your skin and look really natural and flawless (I hate that term but I can't actually think of anything better right now'

You take the sponge and run it under water, then squeeze out the excess water and begin blending using a stippling sort of motion.  Because you're using the moisture from the sponge your foundation doesn't sit on your dry patches in fact when you use this....'What dry patches..?!?' so far I've tested this with my trusty Photoready, the infamous Healthy mix and my Clinique foundation and they all look lovely, great finish and you get an evened out skintone and lovely glowy skin and I've found that I end up using less product because this just does the job with one layer of foundation whereas before I was packing on two to three layers for a very full coverage!

It has a pointed end for getting in those more hard to reach areas such as around the nose and under the eyes which brings me to another reason why I love this sponge...There is absolutely no pulling or tugging on the skin, it's so light and glides across the skin whereas before I was using my fingers and pulling on my poor sensitive skin...NOT GOOD!

The ONLY downside to this is once you've used it, it'll never be clean again, no matter how much you wash with baby shampoo or soap you'll never get those darned foundation marks off it however at £4.99 I could easily re-purchase every 3-4 months say and not even lose any sleep over it.

Thnks for checking in guys, if you're in the UK you'll have finally seen the sun these past few days and have probably caught a bit of a tan too, check out my post on staying safe in the sun HERE.  Don't forget to leave me your lovely comments and don't forget to click the little follow button if you havent already :D

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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Protect yourself in the heat...

Hey there Beauts! day of sun and I'm writing a heat post but apparently it's going to last! So I thought why not subtly remind you all to enjoy the heat responsibly! :D hehe Yup that is the nurse in me talking!

I remember being on placement in the Critical Care Unit during a heat wave last year and the Doctors subtly reminding us to keep well hydrated and drink plenty of water and his advice just stuck with me so I'm here to offer my knowledge and wisdom on how to stay safe in the heat! :D

  • First of all, Sun protection! we all want to strip off and BBQ ourselves the second it gets warmer than fridge temperature, and some even claim that the sun lifts their mood and makes them happier but remember the sun's UV rays overtime break down our skin's defences, and damages the Elastin in our skin causing it to sag, wrinkle and much more susceptible to bruising and tearing.  In other words WRINKLES AND SUN SPOTS! And they're not a good look ladies, let's be honest!

  • Sun damage from UV rays is also the biggest cause of Skin Cancer.  Safety first! I've been on Cancer wards and helped care for patients suffering with Cancer and it's heart breaking to see them go from happy healthy 'normal' people and then slowly disappear to nothing and the one they would always say is...'If only I could turn back time...I would never have started smoking/I would never have drunk so much/ I would have covered up in the sun and protected my skin' Luckily for us it's not too late.

  • Protect your skin with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF).  Obviously the higher the number the better but even an SPF of 15 filters 92% of harmful UVB rays.  Try and find one that protects against UVA and UVB rays.  What is the difference? UVA rays are longer rays which penetrate the skin's layers deeper and are just as harmful as UVB rays which don't penetrate as deeply however it's the damage from UVB rays that we see because they only penetrate the top layers on the skin.

  • Don't forget your eyes, ears, lips and nose need protection from UV rays too so pop some shades on, and apply sunscreen to your ears, nose and lips too. Plan to apply your sun lotion 15-20 minutes before being exposed to the sun to give it some time to sink in and to get the full benefits and don't forget to re-apply every 2-3 hours.

  • Keep well hydrated!! The human body can be in need of hydration well before we even know it and often, feeling thirsty means we're already dehydrated.  The heat causes us to perspire (you may want to keep some deodorant handy too!) much more which means hydration and salts from our body are being lost.  Keep a bottle of water or an energy drink with you in your handbag (c'mon ladies if we can carry around fashion mags and 5 lippies we can manage a bottle of water) and don't just carry it, keep it in your hand so you're more likely to take regular sips.  Avoid excessive Alcohol and caffeine as these will only dehydrate you even more.

  • Take regular breaks from the sun, there's only so much sun lotion can do and if you're out in the sun from noon - night you're risking your skin and much more susceptible to heat exhaustion.
On a final note if you feel over exhausted from excessive excercising in the sun and not enough water be sure to seek some shade, drink plenty of water and let somebody know because you may be suffering from heat stroke.  And as with anything if you're concerned about your health seek professional advice (Go and see your GP or local walk-in clinic or if you're very worried, your local Accident and Emergency department)

Most of all, enjoy it and stay sun safe!Until Next Time Beauts

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Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Simple Review...

Hey there beautifuls

Feels like a long time since I've done any writing that was non-work related and on this lovely sunday evening what else is there to write about than skincare!

The blogging scene has recently just blown up with reviews and raves on the Caudalie beauty elixir so...I'm not going to talk about that! lol I came across this new product on the market that was sort of designed with the same purpose in mind.  It was half the price with almost double the amount of product and was designed especially with sensitive skin in mind...OBVIOUSLY I was going to pick this up!

It's the Simple Moisture Boost Hydro Spray...

Image taken from

What it claims to do...?

'Our Moisture Boost Hydro Mist is a perfect blend of active ingredients and Lotus Flower goodness to give tired, dehydrated and dull skin an Instant boost of hydration for naturally dewy skin.  The fine mist absorbs instantly into the skin, refreshing and restoring optimum moisture balance and can even be used over makeup.  Perfect for even sensitive skin.'

How is it good for you...?

'Contains Lotus flower for optimum hydration
Glycerin hydrates and nourishes
Vital vitamins pro-vitamin B5 actively restores, softens and smoothes
Vitamin E moisturises to improve skin condition.
No perfume, no colour, no unnecessary ingredients and no harsh chemicals so it won't upset your skin
Dermatologically tested and approved'

How I've been using it...?

I've been using this as a toner in the morning to refresh after cleansing and at night just before bed. I've also used this as a refresher throughout the day and tested how it fairs over and under makeup.

And my thoughts...?

To put it simply (haha Get it..?!) I like it! Now don't get me wrong it's not a miracle worker and it doesn't instantly make you look like Megan Fox frollicking on a beach on Dubai! But it is nice, just to refresh and with your eyes closed if you have hot, dry, tired eyes it instantly soothes and cools them.  Used under makep it works as a nice little base for your foundation especially if you have horribly dry skin like me.  It doesn't however replace my moisturiser completely so not as hydrating as I'd hoped.  Used over makeup I really like it.  I have skin which will dry in a blizzard which is not a good situation for foundation and this mist just eliminates the dry lines and cakiness that tends to appear half way through the day.  The only problem? It's a temporary fix and the effects only last about 30-60 minutes before I need a respray.

Overall I do like it and with it being priced around the £5 mark for 50mls it doesn't break the bank but is it something I could live without?! hmmm Probably and even though I haven't tried the infamous Caudalie version do I think this is as good?! From what I've heard of the Caudalie one I don't think the Simple mist would surpass it in the ranks and the Caudalie Beauty Elixir is next on my 'To Get' list.

I'm really getting into my skincare now and drinking a lot more water so any skincare suggestions would be great! Don't forget to comment below and follow my blog if you like it :D It'll make my day! :D

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Thursday, 3 May 2012

You are what you eat...

Hey there Beautifuls

This was a popular post last time I did it and I haven't posted a health post in a while so I thought I'd do another 'You are what you eat' post with what I've been eating recently and the benefits of those foods to the body and mind.

Strawberries -  What with the little stint of unusually great weather we had in March we've had a lovely harvest of strawberries recently, Sweet and juicy I'm loving them right now! Health wise Strawberries contain fiber which are good for digestion and they're known to curb hunger whilst being very low in calories.  They also contain anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories (great for osteoarthritis, asthma and athersclerosis) which do the same job as Aspirin or Ibuprofen but without the nasty side-effects of drugs :D

Weetabix - Yup I've been back on the weetabix recently! Tastes a bit like cardboard but definitely fills you up in the morning and the milk adds to your daily calcium intake.  Now the most obvious benefit of weetabix is of course keeping your digestive system and your bowels healthy and regular...Yup i'm talking regular pooping! lol A high in fiber diet is great for constipation and nobyd wants to be constipated right? Now I think I'll stop saying Constipated...

Olives - Hmm now just to clarify, I absolutely hate olives! I can't really stand the taste or the smell of them but because they're so good for you I've been trying to stomach atleast one or two a day.  Olives date back some 8,000 years where the olive tree was a symbol of peace and harmony.  Olives are rich in Vitamin E, Copper and Iron and are also an excellent source of fibre! (you're thinking constipation again right?)  They contain healthy monounsaturated fats which are great for preventing Heart Disease, Colon cancer, preventing the damage and inflammation of the cells and reducing the severity of Asthma and Osteoarthritis.

Chicken - I eat lots of chicken, boil it, roast it, grill it, fry it doesn't really matter I just love it! Chicken is high in lean protein which is great for growth and developement and good for those trying to lose weight.  Chicken also contains phosphorus which is good for yer teeth and bones and helps the functioning of yer kidneys, liver and central nervous system.

 Now obviously all foods should be consumed in moderation (eating fried chicken all day isn't going to be good for ya!) and always consult your GP or health care professional before undertaking any dietary changes.  This post is just a little insight into what I like to eat now and then and what benefits those foods have for the body.

Thanks for reading and welcome to all the new followers :D, Please leave me your lovely comments and let me know what food your really enjoying lately.  Oh and I'm a bit late on ther twitter scene but I'm now on it! yay for me! :D please add me! @EsJay848

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Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Hey there Beautifuls

Realised I hadn't done an inspired post for a while and thought why not?

Now this isn't a recent inspiration, It's an ongoing one.  From her amazing acting in Leon as a little girl to her equally outstanding performance in Black Swan...Obviously I'm talking about Natalie Portman.

I'm always in awe of her Dior adverts and jus how stunningly beautiful she is, elegant and sophisticated.

She always has this elegant, natural beauty, girl next door look to her that I love. Her makeup is never flawless (you can always see her freckles) and eye is simple yet effective most the time

Ciao for now World