Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January Favourites 2012

Hey Beautiful world!

So I guess it's time to let guys in on what products I couldnt have got through the month of January without.  As you guys probably know already, I have ridiculously dry and sensitive skin, so these products have been a saviour for my skin through the cold winter month of January.  In no particular order these are my favourites...

Carmex Mint - This has been amazing for my lips, day or night and especially when going out.  I prefer the tube version to the pot version just because I'm always having to touch up on the go and I'm very conscious of hygiene when being out in the public so rather than sanitizing my hands before applying it's easier to us the squeezy tube and eliminate the risk of putting germies on your lips (not to mention spreading them to the pot!) I dont know maybe it's the joys of being a nurse that means you're always thinking about hand hygiene!

My Trusty E45 Cream - Wouldn't be without it, I've waffled on enough about this...It's an all over dry skin saviour and I cant be without it!

Revlon Photoready Foundation - I love this foundation, doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.  I've found the perfect colour for my skin and although some people complain about the slight shimmer in the foundation, I hardly notice it on my skin and the coverage I would say is medium to full and definitely buildable.  This foundation really does what it says in the bottle and photographs brilliantly under any kind of lighting (this is a tried and tested fact as I recently wore this foundation to my brother's wedding and for my graduation ceremony and the photographs turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!)

Mac Paintpot in Rubenesque - This is my first and only ever mac paintpot and although I wore it a bit when I first purchased it from sheer excitement it got a bit lost in my (extensive!) makeup collection however I've rediscovered it and now I'm wearing it as a base everyday! It has a multi-tonal finish of gold and pink and is slightly shimmery.  On me it stays put all day and doesnt crease! I love it!

The above picture was taken from the following blogger's page who has done a wonderful review on rubenesque with absolutely gorgeous pictures and swatches so please check out her blog, It's awesome! The Sunday Girl

Look Beauty Blush in Rosy - I reviewed this makeup line a while back and seem to grown in love with it all a little bit more everyday, I love the rosy blush which works very well with rubenesque as it has pretty much the same sort of colouring and multi-tones.  It works for me like a blush and highlight in one which feeds my lazy side very well!!

Elf studio Cream liner -  I know a lot of these are repetitive but what can I say, These are what work for me and when I find something that works I tend to get stuck in a bit of a rut! Hehe but as mentioned previously I love the elf black cream liner, I literally use it everyday and couldnt be without it, In fact if i ever lost it I dont think I would survive the sheer horror of it (ok ok I know I'm being a bit of a drama queen but I think you get the picture of how much I love it!)

 Imperial Leather Foamburst Shower Gel -  Just a little bit random but this is the shower gel i'm loving, It has a shaving foam consistency in that when you first pump it out it looks like a gel but transforms into a huge amount of thick foam which smells gorgeous!  The Hawaiian Spa scent is my favourite!

Lynx for her -  I know this is a bit of a gimmicky product but I'm the kinda girl who would use lynx for men if I liked the smell (well it not as if I'd wear a sign saying I'm wearing men's deodorant with it!) But I firmly believe that scents shouldnt be confined to gender and if it works then why not wear it!  But anywho I love the smell of this, it does what it's supposed to and keeps you fresh and dry *ahem* not much else I can say about a deodorant...

Sleek Pout Polish - I love these pout polishes! It doesnt matter what the colour may be they always seem to just look great! I have quite a collection of these and every handbag I own has a different shade of this in it, my favourite is the nude one called bare minimum but I do take it in turns to wear them all (the only one I dont own is the Limited edition flourescent yellow one because well...when am I ever going to wear that?!?)

Well I think I'll leave it at that for now, I could literally go on for pages and pages about products I love but I'll practice some self control for now! hehe

Thanks for checking in guys!

Ciao for now World!


Saturday, 28 January 2012

New Years Haul Part 1 (Finally!)

Howdy Beautifuls!

As you can tell from the title this is a Haul and as you can probably also tell from the title this is part 1, Meaning I bought a LOT of stuff! It's unclear how many parts there will be for this haul but like I said I did buy a LOT  of stuff.  This is collective over the past 2 months though so dont think I went absolutely mad and got all this stuff in one go! hehe

So I guess I'll start with the things I've bought most recently and that was my trip to the new Westfield in Stratford (My first time going so I was in awe) I've worked at the Westfield in Shephards Bush on and off for about 2 years now so I was very excited about the new one but just hadn't had a chance to go.

As you come up the stairs the first thing I saw was forever 21! I almost screamed with excitement but I didnt want to seem like a bit of a looney so I braced myself and walked in, they had some amazing clothing and the accesory section was like a sweet shop (see inserted crappy Iphone pictures below).  All I came away with were these dark camouflage skinnies with zip detailing at the ankles and the best part...Only £5.99! absolute bargain!!

Then I passed by the KIKO makeup store and almost passed out!  The only time I've ever come across KIKO makeup was actually in Milan's city centre so I was pleasantly surprised to see it here in the UK.  The sales assistant Jodie was lovely and I got some great bargains from here too.  I will be showing those In closer detail once I've had time to review them but here's another couple of crappy Iphone pic for ya anyway! I got one lipstick and two pencil lip glosses, I've only tried one of the pencils so far but I'm loving it so far! :)

I Passed by Zara and the big sale posters in the display suckered me in but it was a good thing because I got two pairs of skinnies, 1 navy blue pair and one a powdery baby pink, for £9.99 each.  Now I thought that was a bit of a bargain for Zara jeans no?
Finally I went off in search of the Topshop as I used to work at the Topshop in the Westfield in Shephards Bush and I wanted to see some of my colleagues that had transferred to the Stratford site but on the way look at what I found....

I KNOW!! All Hillzies will understand my excitement (Lauren, Lo and Audrina used to eat at pinkberry all the time in 'The Hills') So naturally I had to have some.  And naturally I have an addictive personality and now I cant stop thinking about it now I know it's there...:(

This was everything I got from Stratford as I had to rush off for a Hospital appointment but hopefully sometime soon I'll be going back and of course I'll be taking all of you with me!

Thanks for checking in, Part 2 coming very soon!

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Nailed it with Look Beauty

Hello beautifuls!  With the title full of cheese I'm sure you'll have guessed this is a nail post.  I've had these pictures at the ready for a while now, again I'm sorry about the quality but my Iphone 4 is what I'm using for most of pictures partly due to convenience and just a smidgen of pure laziness!  Digital camera pics soon I promise everyone but for now....LOOK how pretty (pun totally intended!)

 If you guys remember my Look Beauty haul and review (choc-a-block full of equally rubbish pictures) You'll know that I got two of their Nail Pop nail polishes.
 This is the colour Kimono (shade 6) and it cost £5 from my local Superdrug

My initial thoughts...I think this colour is fab! nothing like anything I own but it shows up true to whats in the bottle.  I'd describe it as a green with a pink and gold undertone.  I tried to get the angles in different lighting so you can see the effects of the how the colours change in different lights.  Definitely go and check this colour out if you happen to be browsing through the Look Beauty aisle.  It dried fairly quickly and the above pictures were all taken after just one coat (NB most of my nail posts will always be after just one coat because lets face it...I'm too darn lazy to wait for them to dry and then re-coat *hangs head in shame*)

Thanks for checking in and please comment and let me know of any Look nail pop recommendations you may have or any other brands?  If you like what you read please follow for more posts of the like

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Another health blog?

Hi World

I'm back again with another blog post about healthy eating but this I suppose is aimed more at changing the way you think and feel about food in order to make bad old habits, good new ones.  Teamed with good excercise routines and lots of physical activity you could find yourself fitter and healthier without really trying.  These are some things I've picked up along the way through my training as a nurse and through experience I find that some of these things really do work.

Let's start with Food:

1. Water Water Water!  - OK so I know that Water doesnt technically count as food but it's still very important to keep hydrated, now I've waffled on about water in my previous post (check it out HERE) so i'm not going to say too much about it except it's good for you!  It'll keep you well hydrated, keep your cells and organs well perfused, with help flush out toxins (the nasties!) from your body and will keep your skin looking great!  And best of all.....IT'S FREE! :D

Here's a tip for ya!  If you're feeling peckish have a glass of water, and wait a while, If say half an hour later you're still hungry you should probably eat something but if you know you've just had a big meal you're probably thirsty and under the misconception that you're hungry, it's probably your body's way of telling you that you're slightly dehydrated.

2. Snacks are good - Snacking can be detrimental when it's the wrong kind of snack but when it's done right it could really help you on your way to a much healthier you!  Swap your biscuits, crisps and sweets for some healthier alternatives

  • Sugar Snap peas!  You may think that this is a bit of a weird suggestion but they have that crunchy texture that makes you feel like you're eating something naughty like Doritos but they also have a sweet taste so it satisfies your sweet tooth.  Great for snacking on their own but you can also add them to your cooking such as a stirfry or a casserole.

  • Dried fruit. Again these satisfy the sweet tooth, one of my weaknesses is Haribo sweeties.  There's something about the gummy texture that I enjoy so I always keep a bag of dried mangoes or dried apricots in my bag since they have the same gummy texture and are sweet it satisfies my cravings without adding the pounds.  you can get the same effect from dried fruit or berries just be sure to check the ingredients as some dried fruit is covered with sugar which defeats the purpose entirely

  •  If you're having a dinner party and you know that you may be a bit naughty and have that slice of cheese cake for desert try and keep the starters and mains as healthy as possible for example why not have a range of healthy dips such as houmous with carrot and cucumber sticks available and dont just limit these healthy alternatives for yourself while you watch everybody else stuffing sausage rolls in their mouths.  Getting others involved in your quests for a healthier lifestyle can make it much more fun and easier to stick to.

  • Pop it! Popcorn can be a healthy snack alternative to crisps and biscuits because you can flavour them as you wish.  Add a sprinkle of sweetener or brown sugar for those that like it sweet! Maybe a little bit of salt and black pepper for those that like it savoury or even a bit of paprika for those that like a bit of spice in their lives!

3.  Be Adventurous with your cooking! I can guarantee that even the most laziest of cooks (pointing to myself here) will enjoy cooking once you begin to experiment.  Grill your meat and fish instead of frying, boil your veggies instead of roasting in fat and cooking your meal yourself means you know exactly what's gone into it

4.  Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince and Dinner like a pauper.  Now dont take this literally but the general idea is that you make breakfast your biggest/calorie heavy meal as you're more likely to work it off throughout the day and dinner should be much lighter and eaten atleast 2 hours before sleeping to ensure you've digested most of it by bedtime.  Food is our body's fuel to keep us running so filling your 'tank' in the morning ensures you have enough fuel to go about your everyday business however if you skip your fuel in the morning your body is running low already and by dinner time you're more likely to overfill your 'tank' which then means static energy while you're sleeping, slow metabolism and gaining pounds!

5.  preoccupy your mind.  If all you're doing is thinking about food then all you're likely to do is eat which isn't good if you're not actually hungry.  Keeping your mind and your body busy means less time to think about that secret stash of chocolate in your undie drawer or that big bag of doritos in your cupboard.  Another point to note is that if you dont keep that bar of chocolate in your drawer, you're not going to be drawn to it and eventually end up scoffing it all while watching tv.

6.  Make sure it's what you want.  Whatever your goal is, be it to lose weight, get fit or to fit into your old size 10's again make sure it's what YOU want.  Dont do it because your friends have noticed you've put on a few pounds or because your partner doesnt find you as attractive with a bit of curve because then all you will want is a quick fix and you WILL fail. 

start as you mean to go on, and do it for you.  If losing a few pounds gives you a bit more self confidence then that should be your motivation or if being a bit lighter makes it easier for you to run about with your kids then that should keep you going.  Dont expect miracles, Rome wasnt built in a day but the end result is definitely worth the hard work.

7. Treat yourself.  Dont restrict yourself or ban yourself from certain foods completely because that will only make you crave them more and most likely result in a binge.  Instead treat yourself every now and then for example plan a dinner date with some girlfriends at the weekend and then stick to your healthy eating plan throughout the week so that you wont feel guilty when you have that 3 course meal at the end of the week.  Even Audrey Hepburn has one piece of chocolate a day and if it was good enough for her then it's good enough for us!

Now I think I've waffled on enough for one day so I'll make the excercise section of this post a Part 2

I'm happy to give anybody advice to the best of my knowledge and remember these are merely my opinions from personal experience and from what i've learnt through my years of training.  Please consult your GP before embarking on any kind of dietary change

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Sunday, 22 January 2012


Hello beautiful World

I thought I would add another addition to my inspired series, the person thats been inspiring me lately is Kiera Knightly.  I recently watched one of her older films Bend it Like Beckham and she just has that innocent, girl-next-door look to her that you cant fault.

Her skin always looks youthful and clear and natural, as does the rest of her makeup.  Very rarely does she go for a deeper smokier look but even then she gives off that good-girl-gone bad vibe but when she does it just looks right

This last picture is my favourite, I'm loving the natural makeup!

Thanks for checking in, please let me know who's look inspires you in the comments section below and if you like my posts dont forget to follow my blog.

ciao for now world!


Kreative Blogger award! such an honour!

Recently I was awarded the kreative blogger award by the lovely Lottie Loves Beauty!  And as amazed and suprised and honoured as I was, let's face it I was too lazy to thank her properly and do the tag but I am doing it now...better late than never right?

so firstly an apology to Lottie and a big shout out to her blog! It's awesome, go check it out! Link below...

Lottie Loves Beauty's Blog!!

What you have to do :

1.Link back to the person who gave you the award 

2.Answer the questions below

3.Award 10 other bloggers and let them know

4.Share 7 random facts about your self

1. Name your Favourite Song
 Hmm my favourite song changes as often as my undies (that's everyday for you curious cats) but for today let's say it's Drake ft Rihanna - take care 

2 .Favourite dessert

Has to be victoria sponge cake made with fresh cream! Yummy!

 3.What ticks you off ?

 how long have you got?  Meaningless Arguements with annoying siblings, bad drivers who shouldnt have been given a license in the first place, bad service, rude customers, racism, discrimination...ok I think you all get the point

4.When I'm upset i ..

 Cry, it's simple. I cry on someone's shoulder (or my own) until I'm too tired to think of anything else and then I sleep! 

5.Favourite pet ?

I used to have a fluffy white rabbit with red eyes that I named Rosie 

6.Black or white ?

Black definitely.

7.Biggest fear

 Spiders! I dont know what it is about those eight legged things but I can't be anywhere near one! 

8.Everyday attitude

Try your best and believe in yourself, smile a lot and cry a little

9.What is perfection ?
Being alone on a white sandy beach lying in the sun without a care in the world!

10.Guilty pleasure

Reality TV such as The Hills, Made in Chelsea, The only way is Essex

Hmm Now I have to tell you 7 random things about myself?

1 - I'm a qualified nurse now because it's what I wanted to do since I was about 10

2 - I had nightmares about the Saw clown doll for about 2 months after I saw that film!

3 - I'm allergic to kiwis

4 - I love baby food! even to this day if I'm peckish I'll buy some baby biscuits to nibble on or a jar of baby rice pudding, I dont know what it is I just cant get enough of the stuff!

5 - I'm in the process of re-reading all the old Roald Dahl classics because they were awesome!  And I havent read them since I was in primary school so it's like reading them for the first time all over again! (my favourites are Matilda, The twits and George's Marvellous Medicine but I love them all!)

6 - I have a horrific sweet tooth!  I could live on sweets and cakes and chocolates alone but I actually completely gave up refined sugar for 2-3 years at one point, and now I tend to have something sweet very little and often

7 - I am in no way a makeup artist yet I own A LOT OF MAKEUP!  I love experimenting with makeup and am hoping to start taking a few courses soon so I can become a freelance makeup artist

Now I dont really have 10 blogs at hand that I can link to but for now I'll link my favourite picks for you and then I may do an updates post with more blogs!

Nic's Nutrition


Azra's Painting a Day

The Secret Blogger 2011

Did you know?

Howdy World! 

I'm trying to put my busy-doing -nothing schedule aside and blog as frequently as I have done in the past because I've always got something to say, I just get a bit *ahem* lazy *ahem* when it comes to putting it down in writing, for instance I've been meaning to show you guys the amazing bargains i've come across during the january sales but it's taken me so long to get my act into gear that I kind of feel there's no point in doing it now....

Anyway this post is about celebrity beauty (not so secret) secrets!  Everybody loves a bit of gossip right? and everybody loves a bit of a bargain right? RIGHT! so here's some things I bet you didnt know but probably will be eager to try..

DID YOU KNOW...Cheryl Cole actually wears and recommends the Loreal Glamshine lipglosses that she advertises...because at £6.99 you would think that she would prefer wearing something with a heftier price tag just because she can but she does actually wear them.  (makes me just that little bit more inclined to try them now...)
And did you also know that she's a big fan of E45 cream for her dry skin! CHERYL....ME TOOO!

DID YOU KNOW...Emma Stone likes to use Grapeseed oil as an all over body moisturiser after a shower?   Emma says...'After the shower, I pat it on, and then I'll use it throughout the day and at night. I pretty much smell like grape all the time.'  She uses the Filippo Berio brand which I can say is brillint, I use their olive oil every night to remove my makeup and because I have horribly dry skin it just leaves my skin feeling wonderful so with the grapeseed oil being priced at only £4 I'm definitely going to give that a go!

DID YOU KNOW...Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon actress Michelle Yeoh likes to use a home-made Lemon wash on her skin?  This is a tip for those of you with oily skin as the acid in lemon cuts through the natural oil in the face.  Her tip is to mix the juice of two to three lemons, hot water, and two to three tablespoons of honey together in a jug and use as a face rinse. For not-so-oily skin, add more water to make lemon less intense.

DID YOU KNOW...Eva Mendez, Kate Hudson and Madonna all recommend one product for their youthful and fresh looking skin?  Bet you're thinking it costs a bomb right? Bet you're not even interested anymore because it's got to be an invasive surgical procedure right? WRONG! It's a little pot of magic apparently....Eqyptian Magic to be precise.  It contains olive oil, beeswax, honey and royal jelly and claims to be a powerful moisturiser that soothes redness, rashes and sunburn. It costs just £25 or less so I may be on the lookout for this in the summer because I tend to burn very easily!

DID YOU KNOW...Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge uses Nivea viasage's pure and natural moisturising day cream which is priced at only £5.10!!! Apparently she was spotted browsing through a Boots store in London and came out with this bargain product! Erm...excuse me for just a second...*runs off to the nearest Boots still in PJ's to go and get this!!!* (well if it's good enough for a Princess! It's definitely good enough for me!!)

DID YOU KNOW...Jessica Alba uses the Revlon Custom Creations Foundation, It works brilliantly as a multipurpose product because you can turn the dial to your perfect all over shade and then click up one or two shades darker and use the darker shade in the hollows of the cheek as a contour and bronzer.  Im a big big fan of the Revlon Photoready liquid and powder foundations so I'm curious to give this a go too!

Well guys I hope you found this as interesting as I did because lets face it we all want to live the celeb lifestyle right? but without the celeb price tag so with a few products now i guess we can a little bit...!

Thanks for checking in

Ciao for now World


Friday, 20 January 2012

Who rocked the GG's?

Howdy World!  I've been trying to post this up for quite a few days now and the universe seems to have other plans but I am not going to get up from this computer until this has been posted!!  I was looking at what everybody wore at the Golden Globes and I thought I'd fill you guys in on who I think looked absolutely stunning (im not going to do a worst dressed just because its cruel to mock those that got dressed in the dark and mis-took their curtains for their gowns!)

These come in no particular order because I think each of these ladies looks equally stunning

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie has always been one of my favourite actresses so it may seem im being biased when I say she ALWAYS looks stunning but dammit the woman ALWAYS looks stunning!  She played it safe with her usual neautral toned dress (Atelier Versace) and the elegant up-do.  The red fold across the collarbone teamed with her white versace peep-toes and the red Christian Louboutin clutch give this look just what it needs to be elegant and classy without being boring.  And just a little bit of nosey gossip for you, Angelina's announced she's pregnant again! Congrats to the happy couple!

 Natalie Portman
Being her first red carpet appearance since giving birth to her baby boy 6 months ago I'm pretty sure she had some pressure to look good.  And she didnt disappoint!  In fact she excelled in my opinion.  Her fuschia strapless Lanvin gown (similar to a Marilyn Monroe-esque gown that closely resembled the one worn in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, when singing Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend.) Works so well for the yummy mummy teamed with minimal Harry Winston jewellery and Jimmy Choo heels.

Rooney Mara
The Girl with the dragon tattoo actress looked pretty damn good in her black Nina Ricci gown,  Her look was very minimal, simple black winged liner and neautral lip with no jewellery she seemed to just let her gorgeous gown and enviable beauty and figure do the talking and it has to be said she worked it very well!  This is one of my favourite looks of the night!

Emma Stone
Emma opted for a Plum and Raspberry Lanvin with an added eagle belt around the waist to 'rock' up the elegant gown.  she went for a dark smokey eye and simple pink lip which just ticked all the boxes.  The embroidered shoulder detail and plunging neckline works well for the pale beauty, it shows some but still leaves some to the imagination which is good because a girl shouldnt reveal all!

Sofia Vergara
Sofia looked sensational in her custom made Vera Wang peacock strapless mermaid gown which emphasised her killer hourglass figure to perfection. She accessorized Harry Winston jewellery and a simple brown smokey eye.

Jessica Alba
Jessica's tan worked wonders with her Gucci light lavender strapless gown with embellishment detailing and long train . She teamed her exquisite gown with Guiseppe Zanotti pumps and wore her hair parted to the side and pulled back into a romantic updo.

Sorry this has been a bit rushed guys but I'm on a time limit but really wanted to get something up for you today!  I'm sure plenty of bloggers have already shown you the highlights of the GG's and this is going to seem like old news but it seemed a shame to scrap a post that was already 80% written.

Thanks for checking in
Ciao for now world

Saturday, 14 January 2012

E.L.F. Cosmetics

Howdy Strangers, Thought I'd do a quick review for you all, seeing as i havent blogged in a few days (naughty naughty)

I've tried quite a few things from elf cosmetics (eyes, lips, face) and I have to say I've never been disappointed.  I know they say you get what you pay for but that doesnt apply to elf products because you dont pay much at all but you get a LOT in my opinion.  They have two main price ranges, their normal line in which everything costs £1.50 and their Studio or professional line in which most things cost £3.50.  Great company for makeup newbies and young girls on a budget because their stuff is actually really really good yet doesnt cost much so its great for experimenting with colour and technique without the fear of ruining your £26 Estee Lauder lipstick

Now elf aren't sold in stores so the only way to order is online which means an extra postage and packaging fee but they often have free shipping codes on their facebook fanpage along with great competitions and regular sales.  Check out their facebook fanpage HERE and 'Like' for amazing deals...go on, you know you want to...

My recommendations from elf include:

Elf Natural Radiance Blusher - £1.50.  Great range of colours, great price tag.  They add the perfect amount of colour to the face and can be left quite light and natural or built up for a more night time appropriate look

Elf Studio Cream Eyeliner - £3.50.  Great colours and easy to work with.  I was totally converted from my liquid eyeliner with this so much so I had to have every colour.  Does anybody else have the same problem? Once you've tried something and know it works be it makeup, clothes or shoes...you just have to have every colour? Even if the Teal Cream eyeliner will just never get used and it'll probably sit in your makeup collection for years catching dust, you just have to have it because the black, midnight and brown ones were amazing? I hope it's not just me! hehe.  It comes with a little brush which is good for beginners with little to no tools however I prefer using my elf angled liner brush with this product

Studio Matte Lip colours - £3.50.  Love the natural colour range and the sleek packaging.  They great for on the go and wont break the bank....well nothing from elf will really!  I love the matte lip colour look and feel the glossy wet look lip is a bit outdated right now.  Matte lips look a bit more sophisticated you could say, just my opinion but wet glossy lips was ok for when I was 14 but 10 years on...im ditching the gloss for a more 'grown up' look.  To avoid drying of the lips bung on a bit of vaseline (or your equivelent) 5 minutes before applying

Well these are just a few picks for now, I'm sure it's not the first elf review you've read and i'm dead certain it wont be the last but I'm a new blogger and what do new bloggers do? we review good cheap makeup for other new bloggers! haha

Thanks for checking in and please do 'Follow' and 'Comment' coz it really makes my day!
Any elf recommendations for me to try from any of you lovely people?

Ciao for now World


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Aspirin...Ithought it was good for you?

Hello world, this post is a little bit of something different but it's still very much health related.  I've begun following this science/health related blog recently being the true nurse that I am.  Now for those of you that like to keep up with the news there has been quite a lot of recent coverage about the new found risks of taking regular aspirin.  I found this article quite an interesting read so I thought I would share it with you guys...

Aspirin-the Benefits and Risks

I hope somebody out there finds this as interesting as I did

Thanks for checking in World

Ciao for now


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Nurses day out...

Hello again World!

I've had an immense craving for Laduree macaroons lately, so naturally I had to get them, couldnt stop thinking about them, was failing to function without them, and here they are...

Aren't they beautiful??
from Left to Right i have the Rose Petal, Coffee, Vanilla, Pistachio, Chocolate and just making it into the shot is Blackforest.  I did also get the Praline single to have with my morning caffiene fix and it was totally and utterly worth the early morning train journey, being half crushed by the giant business man sitting next to me!! (Note to early morning commuters, beware of the small person sitting next to you and keep to your own seat!)

And they taste just as good as they look, Now I got mine from the Laduree cafe in Covent Garden Market, It's a beautiful place, my mediocre Iphone pictures dont really do the cafe or the market much justice but here's to showing you anyway...

I thought I'd make a day of it today, had never been to Harrods (I know! Ludicrous right?!) so I decided as it was only a few more stops down the Picadilly Line to Knightsbridge...why not?
Cue more crappy Iphone pictures!

These are just a few snapshots of the Egyptian escalators, I was so busy being overwhelmed by the sheer size of the place and consequently getting lost and going round and round in circles that I forgot to take more pictures.  It was a lovely day out though and I was very good, all I came away with was an adorable little Harrods hello kitty keyring just to acknowledge my little impromptu trip to Harrods!

Ciao for now World!