Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Lush Review...

Well hello again World! :-)

This is a quick review of some things I've been loving lately.  It's the lovely Lush shower smoothies!  This is how the Lush team describes them...

'It is a soap? Is it a shower gel? No, it’s a Smoothie Shower Soap, made with cleansing clays, moisturising butters, fruit, vegetables and toning essential oils. When you’re in a bit of a hurry but you need your body to feel its best, take a handful, plaster it all over your skin, smooth in, rinse off and towel dry. It’ll take three minutes and you’ll feel as if you’ve spent an hour in the shower making yourself perfect.'

If you have dry skin like mine these are much better for you than a soap or a shower gel, the added butters make it much more gentler on the skin, they smell awesome and although they are a bit pricey, it's that little bit of shower luxury that my skin needs especially in winter and a little goes a long way...all you need is a 50 pence sized amount to do a good top to toe job!  I've tried the Turkish Delight and the Dreamwash smoothies and this is what I can tell you...

Turkish Delight
This one contains beautiful rose absolute accompanied with jasmine abosolute, rose essential oil and neroli oil which = a gorgeous rosey scent which lasts on the skin.  This is the more moisturising of the two smoothies I've tried and is my favourite! you can use it in the shower the way you normally would or you can slather it on before getting into the bath for a traditional Turkish bath experience.  I cannot say enough about this product, I love it! I just wish it were a bit cheaper but the price wont stop me from buying this again and again and again. NOTE TO LUSH: never stop making this please, my life wont be worth living! :(

This contains soothing aloe vera gel and skin calming calamine powder with rose, chamomile and lavender to help relieve sore or damaged skin and is especially good for night time use.  The rose, chamomile and lavender has a calming effect and aids a peaceful sleep.  It's not got as sexy a scent as the Turkish Delight but it does an equally awesome job at moisturising.  This one is about £5 cheaper in price and if you prefer the smell of lavender to rose then this would be your choice I guess

I think my sleepiness is causing me to ramble a bit now so ciao for now World!