Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Nurses day out...

Hello again World!

I've had an immense craving for Laduree macaroons lately, so naturally I had to get them, couldnt stop thinking about them, was failing to function without them, and here they are...

Aren't they beautiful??
from Left to Right i have the Rose Petal, Coffee, Vanilla, Pistachio, Chocolate and just making it into the shot is Blackforest.  I did also get the Praline single to have with my morning caffiene fix and it was totally and utterly worth the early morning train journey, being half crushed by the giant business man sitting next to me!! (Note to early morning commuters, beware of the small person sitting next to you and keep to your own seat!)

And they taste just as good as they look, Now I got mine from the Laduree cafe in Covent Garden Market, It's a beautiful place, my mediocre Iphone pictures dont really do the cafe or the market much justice but here's to showing you anyway...

I thought I'd make a day of it today, had never been to Harrods (I know! Ludicrous right?!) so I decided as it was only a few more stops down the Picadilly Line to Knightsbridge...why not?
Cue more crappy Iphone pictures!

These are just a few snapshots of the Egyptian escalators, I was so busy being overwhelmed by the sheer size of the place and consequently getting lost and going round and round in circles that I forgot to take more pictures.  It was a lovely day out though and I was very good, all I came away with was an adorable little Harrods hello kitty keyring just to acknowledge my little impromptu trip to Harrods!

Ciao for now World!



  1. Awesome post.. Loving the pics! Macaroons so moreish n yummy :-> glad u got ur fix n introduced me to them! X

  2. Those Macaroons could be mistaken as a fashion accesory just like your phones, handbags and high heels.