Sunday, 11 December 2011

Currently Adored...

Hello Again World!

I seem to be back in the swing of blogging so here's another quick (or so I thought) one for ya.  Now I figured, it's too late to do a November favourites and a bit early to do a favourites of 2011 so this is just my in betweeny blog about things I use on a day to day basis and things I'm currently adoring.

These are the things I've been loving a lot recently and use pretty much on a daily basis...

These two products are favourites for my skin. I have dry sensitive skin which in the winter is a nightmare! The best moisturiser for my skin is the E45, it's cheap and cheerful and does the job far better than some more expensive moisturisers I've tried.  This tub is 125g and has lasted me for about 6 months and costs no more than £5. The origins vitazing is what I took with me on holiday recently and found, although it is much pricier than the E45 cream it is equally as amazing.  At first it comes out as a grey cream but quickly changes to a light tint that matches the skin once applied.  It has an SPF of 15 which is good for protecting the skin and works wonders for the days you just dont want to wear foundation.

This is basicly what I use on my face everyday when I'm going out or for work.  I use the Revlon Photo ready foundation in the shade 003 Shell.  Love this foundation, it photographs amazingly well as the name suggests and workes fine on my dry sensitive skin.  It does have very very fine glitter particles in it which is hardly noticeable but may bother some people.  This foundation claims to offer 'complete coverage' which it does very well and also has an SPF of 20 which is an added bonus.  This retails at around the £10 mark for 30mls which is reasonable I guess.  Now I use this pretty much everyday and find that 30mls last me about 4-5 months...not bad I'd say!

In the summer when I need to powder over the top of my foundation I use the Revlon photo ready powder in the shade 010 Fair/light. I have however stopped using this in the cold winter months just because I dont need to powder over dry skin and if I do it just accentuates my flaky-ness :(

To conceal I use the Collection 2000 lasting perfection 16 Hour Wear concealer in the shade 2 Light.  This is great for under the eyes and covering redness or breakouts, very affordable and the little tube lasts quite long.  I've had mine for about 6 weeks now and still going strong.  I dont however think it does what it says on the tin as far as lasting 16 hrs is concerned but it handles my 8 hr work days pretty well.

For my eyes I've been using either the Urban Decay Naked Pallette.  Has great day appropriate colours, shadows are great quality and has the double ended black and brown eyeliner in the kit so perfect I'd say.  I've recently seen reviews on the new Naked 2 pallette that's been released....uh-oh!!

When I'm not using the Urban Decay shadows I'm using my Rimmel London eyeshadow quad in 019 Sun Safari. Now I dont really tend to buy Rimmel London products but I picked this up in the pound shop for a quid! now correct me if I'm wrong but £1 for four Rimmel eyeshadows is a bit of a bargain!! Love the colours, great for everyday wear, onlly problem is I'm not sure if you can still find this in the Rimmel London range so once it's finished, it's gone :(

My favourite mascara of all time ever has to be the L'oreal Volume Million Lashes, I've tried the original black when it was first released and it was love at first site.  I'm now using the extra-black one and am still in love!  Costs between £8-£12 depending on where you get it from and whether there's an offer on but totally worth it for me.  Each tube lasts me about 4 months and I do use generously pretty much everyday!

As for eyeliner I used to love my Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner and wouldnt really venture out to try anything else liner wise but since I've tried the elf cream eyeliners I havent even looked at my collection 2000 one!  Costs £3.50 from the elf studio range which is pennies for what you're getting! works wonderfully and lasts all day, I have three of them so far but am considering getting the others just because I can't get enough.  The only down side to this liner is that my black one seemed to dry out after about a month or so whereas my midnight blue and brown ones are still going strong.  I have found that if I warm up a little bit of the black one on the back of my hand it works perfectly

A few other things I've been loving recently...

My all time favourite blush right now has to be the Accessorize merged blusher in 4 - Diva.  I think I got this over a year ago for about £6, have used it pretty much everyday for about 6 months and havent even dented it, I think this will literally last me forever!

The Ultimate lip treatment ever to exist in my opinion has to be the Kiehl's Balm #1 in Mango.  this comes in different flavours, I just happen to have the Mango one.  Bit pricey for a lip balm at £9.50 but totally worth it.  Has an SPF for an added bonus and literally feels like butter on the lips.  And when I say this is the best I've tried....I would know as I have tried and tested every lip product ever to exist because I think I have a bit of an addiction to all thing's lip related...*hangs head in shame*

And finally for my currently adored is a product for the hair...
I decided I would buy into the Argan Oil hype by trying something Argany without actually buying the pricer morrocan oil.  I found this VO5 miracle concentrate elixir with argan oil in Superdrug and decided to give it a try.  It cost about £4.50 for a 50ml bottle which at first I thought was a bit pricey for a tiny bottle but no...this stuff is never ending.  All you need is 3-4 drops for the ends of your hair as an intensive leave-in treatment and you're good to go.  Leaves the hair looking healthy and shiny and smells lovely too!  I've been using this for about 2 months now and the bottle literally looks brand new!

Well, I do believe that is more than enough talking from me for now, until next time...

Ciao for now World!

Thursday, 8 December 2011


Recently I've been catching up on one of my favourite Television shows of the moment...Made in Chelsea!

Being a true london girl at heart I love the fashion, the makeup, the posh Chelsea locations and equally posh mannerisms!  Recently (currently watching Season 2 Episode 8) I've noticed Caggie Dunlop sporting a very light coral lip and am now on the hunt for the same thing.  Now I dont have the ever so famous Caggie pout but I love the pales and nudes she wears on her lips.  These are the best Google Images I could find..

I can safely say Caggie is my favourite female character on the show, she so much fun, got an infectious laugh and is absolutely stunning to look at without being stick thin and overly bony like other characters.

Favourite Male character has to be Hugo Taylor, tall, dark and handsome and showed a cute vulnerability after his breakup with Millie...

after having blogger's block for quite a while I seem to be back in the swing of things.

Thanks for reading...

Ciao for now World...! xoxo

Look Beauty Review...

Hello Again World!

I've been quite ill recently and when I havent been ill I've been working, so I'm taking my free time to get posting on my blog as this was an ambition of mine that I would like to pursue much further.  I now appreciate all the beauty bloggers and vloggers out there who post and update regularly as it is very time consuming...

So as the title suggests this is a review of the Look Beauty range launched by the magazine company a short while back.  Now unlike most I wasnt sent these products but I found the Look section in my local Superdrug store and got rather excited! I immediately picked what I thought would be my favourites and paid for them, then proceeded to work and shared my wonderful buys with my colleague who, it is safe to say, is just about as nuts about makeup as I am.  This is what I picked up...

I have the Rosy - (Shade 4 blush) (£8), the Sculpt - (Shade 5 blush) (£8)
Lipslick in Buff - (Shade 2 lip gloss) (£5), Double Hit Lip duo in Rosy Riot - (Shade 5 lipstick and gloss duo) (£8)
and two Nail Pop nail colours in Mink - (Shade 18 (left) (£5) and Kimono - (Shade 6 (right) (£5)

Here are my initial thoughts...

This is the Sculpt Blush, Now originally I had picked up the Ibiza Bronzer which was shade 6 I think of the collection but as excited as I was when I got it home it was shattered to a fine dust and I had to return it to the store hoping I could just change it for another however the only other two Ibiza bronzers they had in stock were also shattered and so I had to chose between taking home my Ibiza Loose powder or a different shade and so I picked this as the other two bronzers of the collection were far too dark for my skin, as I am quite pale, and this was, for me dark enough and matt enough to bronze with however I did like the Ibiza bronzer soooooo much more :(

Both blushes are not overly pigmented but on my pale skin it works, they are buildable but I have to say, I dont think they are worth the price.

The Rosy blush is my favourite of the two, it is a pinky coral colour however it is packed full of chunky gold glitter, great for evenings, needs buffing out for daytime wear

The two lip products are a bit hit and miss too.  The Lipslick is also poorly packaged as when i first opened the tube sort of fell apart however the colour works ok and it isnt overly sticky or gloopy which is nice. As with the blushes, I think I could live without this product

The Double Hit Lip duo is my favourite product of the Look Beauty range so far.  The colours are true to the packaging, highly pigmented, you get a lot of product for the price and lasts a fair few hours on.  The only downside I would say is that where the Lipslick has no taste or smell the glossy end of the duo has a horrible fake caramel sort of taste and smell intially which thankfully does not last very long!  I think I can stomach the horrible taste because I do love the product...probably the only thing I would repurchase in maybe a different shade...or two...or three (my poor bank balance!!)


The only things left to try yet are the Nail Pops but I have however done very quick swatches of the colours on my nails just to test them and am quite impressed but not more so than any other nail varnish I've used.

As I said I did buy all these products with my own money and my overall thoughts would have to be that they are poorly packaged which is a shame because the products are not as bad

They are a bit overpriced for what should be 'drugstore' 'highstreet' makeup and the products inside are a little bit hit and miss, maybe steer clear of the blush powders if you travel a lot because they are prone to breakage and definitely try out the Double Hit duos, handy to save space in the handbag also.

Thank for reading...

Ciao for now World! x x x

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Lush night in...

I can still remember the first time I walked into a Lush store, it was quite amazing. It was the Lush store at London's Liverpool Street Station (the old location by Boots) and all I remember is being hooked from the very beginning, I bought a little bit of everything that day and have done ever since.

Ever since then I've had a bit of a Lush fact I would sometimes pass through Liverpool Street Station on the way to and from Uni just to pop into Lush and have a good old smell! So naturally when the time came for the christmas collection to be launched introducing brand new products I was more than a little excited!

This is a review of the new Golden Wonder Bath Bomb. The Lush website describes it as
'A sparkling innovative little bomb! Who else could possibly come up with a gift shaped ballistic that rattles? With its multilayers of magnificent colours in unwraps itself into your bath. It’s a cocktail in a cube!'

It smells amazing, very floral I'd say and relaxing with a shimmering gold outer wrapping and multicoloured mini treats inside, I'll let the pictures do the talking...


When I first bought one of these I kept it safely locked away in my little Lush box for quite a while knowing that I should take some pics for my blog before using it but a long day at work and a cold winter evening had other plans for my little Golden Wonder and I used it...


The lovely sea green colour was a very pleasant surprise but that wasn't the best bit...

After I got in the bath i distinctly remember looking to the side and seeing the most beautiful golden shimmer running through the green like little waves.  This shimmer lasts everywhere...on the skin, the hair, and all around the bath...

So naturally I brought another to blog with and it didn't disappoint...Priced at £3.25 it is one of the more pricey bath bombs but well worth it in my opinion. Cant wait to try the rest of the new products...

Ciao for now World

Sunday, 13 November 2011

My first product review!

Hello World!
So this, as the title suggests, is my first product review, now it's nothing exciting and to be honest I would much rather have reviewed something exciting such as a hairbrush that can apply your lipstick and tidy your room at the same time but sadly... until i get on inventing one of those this review will just have to do.

Now I'd just like to request that whoever is reading this ( which i do gather at the moment is nobody) please excuse the state of my nails! I was desperate to get my blog started and if I kept putting it off I would never have got round to it so it was a bit slap dash and no I didnt have time for a full Manicure before painting them sadly.

Enough of the ramble! More of the beauty...

The product I am reviewing today is the new beautyuk nail gift set.  I have number 4 - west end girl which is totally up my street! The colours are well on trend with a rusty red colour included as well as a khaki green and deep purple.  Now i have only applied two colours so far, one of which I am totally in love with and the other not so much

This rusty red colour applied amazingly well, this was just one very quick coat however there was absolutely no need for another coat in my opinion, now just to let you know I never apply a base coat or top coat to my nails so this is straight on the nail. I am in love with this colour which is perfect for Autumn.  This dried in lliterally 2 minutes and had none of that silly denting or smudging half an hour later.  I literally have nothing bad to say about this colour, the other one i tried however is a slightly different story...

Now I had very high hopes for this colour, I thought it would be the perfect nude easy-going, no fuss colour for everyday however it streaked even with two coats, and because it took two coats it took longer to dry, though not much longer (like 5 minutes maybe..) I guess im still satisfied with the overall result of this colour and as the other colour there has been no chipping after two days.

The best thing about these beautyuk nail gift sets....THE PRICE!!! at £4.99 RRP I think its a steal for 6 polishes and to be honest I expected much less from these than what they gave me and now i want the rest of the sets!! There are four gift sets in total and are fairly new to stores.  I picked mine up in my local Superdrug store however you can also buy them online here beautyuk and to celebrate the recent launch of their website they are offering all UK customers free shipping to any UK address before the 1st December 2011, so what are you waiting for?! These sets are perfect for christmas!

Disclaimer: I paid for these products with my own money, as this is my first blog post I doubt anyone would be sending me free things anyway.  so you can rest assured that this is my own honest review

Ciao for now World! xoxo

First Blog!!

Hello world!
This is my first ever blog post, quite an iconic day for me.  I have been wanting to do this for so long but didn’t have the courage or was always too busy, well now’s the time for it I think.
I suppose I had better tell you all a bit about me, as special as I am! Haha
I am 24 years old, I’m a female who lives in London and I have just qualified as a registered nurse, one of the hardest but most rewarding and life changing experiences of my life.  But now that I have my degree and nothing can change that I guess I can take a break from nursing the sick in order to pursue my love of makeup.  I’m intrigued by all things glamorous and glittery, glossy and gorgeous and I’m just here to share my experiences with you – the world
So keep reading if you would just like to know my opinion on all things beauty related...