Thursday, 8 December 2011

Look Beauty Review...

Hello Again World!

I've been quite ill recently and when I havent been ill I've been working, so I'm taking my free time to get posting on my blog as this was an ambition of mine that I would like to pursue much further.  I now appreciate all the beauty bloggers and vloggers out there who post and update regularly as it is very time consuming...

So as the title suggests this is a review of the Look Beauty range launched by the magazine company a short while back.  Now unlike most I wasnt sent these products but I found the Look section in my local Superdrug store and got rather excited! I immediately picked what I thought would be my favourites and paid for them, then proceeded to work and shared my wonderful buys with my colleague who, it is safe to say, is just about as nuts about makeup as I am.  This is what I picked up...

I have the Rosy - (Shade 4 blush) (£8), the Sculpt - (Shade 5 blush) (£8)
Lipslick in Buff - (Shade 2 lip gloss) (£5), Double Hit Lip duo in Rosy Riot - (Shade 5 lipstick and gloss duo) (£8)
and two Nail Pop nail colours in Mink - (Shade 18 (left) (£5) and Kimono - (Shade 6 (right) (£5)

Here are my initial thoughts...

This is the Sculpt Blush, Now originally I had picked up the Ibiza Bronzer which was shade 6 I think of the collection but as excited as I was when I got it home it was shattered to a fine dust and I had to return it to the store hoping I could just change it for another however the only other two Ibiza bronzers they had in stock were also shattered and so I had to chose between taking home my Ibiza Loose powder or a different shade and so I picked this as the other two bronzers of the collection were far too dark for my skin, as I am quite pale, and this was, for me dark enough and matt enough to bronze with however I did like the Ibiza bronzer soooooo much more :(

Both blushes are not overly pigmented but on my pale skin it works, they are buildable but I have to say, I dont think they are worth the price.

The Rosy blush is my favourite of the two, it is a pinky coral colour however it is packed full of chunky gold glitter, great for evenings, needs buffing out for daytime wear

The two lip products are a bit hit and miss too.  The Lipslick is also poorly packaged as when i first opened the tube sort of fell apart however the colour works ok and it isnt overly sticky or gloopy which is nice. As with the blushes, I think I could live without this product

The Double Hit Lip duo is my favourite product of the Look Beauty range so far.  The colours are true to the packaging, highly pigmented, you get a lot of product for the price and lasts a fair few hours on.  The only downside I would say is that where the Lipslick has no taste or smell the glossy end of the duo has a horrible fake caramel sort of taste and smell intially which thankfully does not last very long!  I think I can stomach the horrible taste because I do love the product...probably the only thing I would repurchase in maybe a different shade...or two...or three (my poor bank balance!!)


The only things left to try yet are the Nail Pops but I have however done very quick swatches of the colours on my nails just to test them and am quite impressed but not more so than any other nail varnish I've used.

As I said I did buy all these products with my own money and my overall thoughts would have to be that they are poorly packaged which is a shame because the products are not as bad

They are a bit overpriced for what should be 'drugstore' 'highstreet' makeup and the products inside are a little bit hit and miss, maybe steer clear of the blush powders if you travel a lot because they are prone to breakage and definitely try out the Double Hit duos, handy to save space in the handbag also.

Thank for reading...

Ciao for now World! x x x

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