Sunday, 11 December 2011

Currently Adored...

Hello Again World!

I seem to be back in the swing of blogging so here's another quick (or so I thought) one for ya.  Now I figured, it's too late to do a November favourites and a bit early to do a favourites of 2011 so this is just my in betweeny blog about things I use on a day to day basis and things I'm currently adoring.

These are the things I've been loving a lot recently and use pretty much on a daily basis...

These two products are favourites for my skin. I have dry sensitive skin which in the winter is a nightmare! The best moisturiser for my skin is the E45, it's cheap and cheerful and does the job far better than some more expensive moisturisers I've tried.  This tub is 125g and has lasted me for about 6 months and costs no more than £5. The origins vitazing is what I took with me on holiday recently and found, although it is much pricier than the E45 cream it is equally as amazing.  At first it comes out as a grey cream but quickly changes to a light tint that matches the skin once applied.  It has an SPF of 15 which is good for protecting the skin and works wonders for the days you just dont want to wear foundation.

This is basicly what I use on my face everyday when I'm going out or for work.  I use the Revlon Photo ready foundation in the shade 003 Shell.  Love this foundation, it photographs amazingly well as the name suggests and workes fine on my dry sensitive skin.  It does have very very fine glitter particles in it which is hardly noticeable but may bother some people.  This foundation claims to offer 'complete coverage' which it does very well and also has an SPF of 20 which is an added bonus.  This retails at around the £10 mark for 30mls which is reasonable I guess.  Now I use this pretty much everyday and find that 30mls last me about 4-5 months...not bad I'd say!

In the summer when I need to powder over the top of my foundation I use the Revlon photo ready powder in the shade 010 Fair/light. I have however stopped using this in the cold winter months just because I dont need to powder over dry skin and if I do it just accentuates my flaky-ness :(

To conceal I use the Collection 2000 lasting perfection 16 Hour Wear concealer in the shade 2 Light.  This is great for under the eyes and covering redness or breakouts, very affordable and the little tube lasts quite long.  I've had mine for about 6 weeks now and still going strong.  I dont however think it does what it says on the tin as far as lasting 16 hrs is concerned but it handles my 8 hr work days pretty well.

For my eyes I've been using either the Urban Decay Naked Pallette.  Has great day appropriate colours, shadows are great quality and has the double ended black and brown eyeliner in the kit so perfect I'd say.  I've recently seen reviews on the new Naked 2 pallette that's been released....uh-oh!!

When I'm not using the Urban Decay shadows I'm using my Rimmel London eyeshadow quad in 019 Sun Safari. Now I dont really tend to buy Rimmel London products but I picked this up in the pound shop for a quid! now correct me if I'm wrong but £1 for four Rimmel eyeshadows is a bit of a bargain!! Love the colours, great for everyday wear, onlly problem is I'm not sure if you can still find this in the Rimmel London range so once it's finished, it's gone :(

My favourite mascara of all time ever has to be the L'oreal Volume Million Lashes, I've tried the original black when it was first released and it was love at first site.  I'm now using the extra-black one and am still in love!  Costs between £8-£12 depending on where you get it from and whether there's an offer on but totally worth it for me.  Each tube lasts me about 4 months and I do use generously pretty much everyday!

As for eyeliner I used to love my Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner and wouldnt really venture out to try anything else liner wise but since I've tried the elf cream eyeliners I havent even looked at my collection 2000 one!  Costs £3.50 from the elf studio range which is pennies for what you're getting! works wonderfully and lasts all day, I have three of them so far but am considering getting the others just because I can't get enough.  The only down side to this liner is that my black one seemed to dry out after about a month or so whereas my midnight blue and brown ones are still going strong.  I have found that if I warm up a little bit of the black one on the back of my hand it works perfectly

A few other things I've been loving recently...

My all time favourite blush right now has to be the Accessorize merged blusher in 4 - Diva.  I think I got this over a year ago for about £6, have used it pretty much everyday for about 6 months and havent even dented it, I think this will literally last me forever!

The Ultimate lip treatment ever to exist in my opinion has to be the Kiehl's Balm #1 in Mango.  this comes in different flavours, I just happen to have the Mango one.  Bit pricey for a lip balm at £9.50 but totally worth it.  Has an SPF for an added bonus and literally feels like butter on the lips.  And when I say this is the best I've tried....I would know as I have tried and tested every lip product ever to exist because I think I have a bit of an addiction to all thing's lip related...*hangs head in shame*

And finally for my currently adored is a product for the hair...
I decided I would buy into the Argan Oil hype by trying something Argany without actually buying the pricer morrocan oil.  I found this VO5 miracle concentrate elixir with argan oil in Superdrug and decided to give it a try.  It cost about £4.50 for a 50ml bottle which at first I thought was a bit pricey for a tiny bottle but no...this stuff is never ending.  All you need is 3-4 drops for the ends of your hair as an intensive leave-in treatment and you're good to go.  Leaves the hair looking healthy and shiny and smells lovely too!  I've been using this for about 2 months now and the bottle literally looks brand new!

Well, I do believe that is more than enough talking from me for now, until next time...

Ciao for now World!

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