Sunday, 1 January 2012

For the year 2012 I will...

...Do alot! Hopefully!


It has been a while since I posted, yes I know...Bad Blogger! Bad Bad Blogger.

Well that is why my main resolution for the coming year is to make time to blog atleast once a week if not lots and lots more.  Another Beauty Resolution is to 'shop my stash' and work to through the ever growing mass of makeup, beauty items that I've accumulated over the passed years.

I'm also going to have a bit of a clearout, when you know you still have lipglosses and mascaras from your high school days...It's time to let go of the memories and get rid so a pre-spring clean is definitely on the to do list.

I spent most of christmas watching beauty vlogger's 'Vlogmas' videos on youtube and came across Ingrid's or missglamorazzi's vlogmas series at the end of which she said that she may be thinking about doing a 'Vlogyear' type of thing...(maybe I should explain what these terms mean..)

Vlogmas - The continuous vlogging throughout the christmas period either up until christmas eve or possibly all throughout December depending on how the vlogger feels.

Vlogyear - The continuous vlogging throughout the entire year from January 1st to December 31st (phew thats a lot of vlogging!!)

Well after enjoying her Vlogmas videos and hearing that she was thinking of vlogging for the entire year I got a bit excited and at first I thought I'd quite like to do a Vlogyear type of thing that was maybe just personal for friends and family and not for public use, but lets be honest I wouldnt be able to commit to that! What would start as a Vlogyear would probably end as a Vlogday! So instead Im going to do something which I have named 'Bookyear'! I'm going to keep a book and write in it every single day of the year for the entire year!  I have decided this will not be a journal or diary type of thing but I will put my thoughts in it, everyday I will put something significant in it even if it is a catchphrase or an inspirational quote and even if it is a few lines everyday by December 31st I will have a book which I can look back upon in years to come!

I've chosen a book in which to write and for those interested it looks like this...

If there is anybody out there reading this that approves of this idea, finds it interesting and has maybe been inspired to start their own 'Bookyear' please let me know, spread the word and maybe just maybe this could become as well known as 'Vlogyear'

Ciao for now World


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