Sunday, 22 January 2012

Did you know?

Howdy World! 

I'm trying to put my busy-doing -nothing schedule aside and blog as frequently as I have done in the past because I've always got something to say, I just get a bit *ahem* lazy *ahem* when it comes to putting it down in writing, for instance I've been meaning to show you guys the amazing bargains i've come across during the january sales but it's taken me so long to get my act into gear that I kind of feel there's no point in doing it now....

Anyway this post is about celebrity beauty (not so secret) secrets!  Everybody loves a bit of gossip right? and everybody loves a bit of a bargain right? RIGHT! so here's some things I bet you didnt know but probably will be eager to try..

DID YOU KNOW...Cheryl Cole actually wears and recommends the Loreal Glamshine lipglosses that she advertises...because at £6.99 you would think that she would prefer wearing something with a heftier price tag just because she can but she does actually wear them.  (makes me just that little bit more inclined to try them now...)
And did you also know that she's a big fan of E45 cream for her dry skin! CHERYL....ME TOOO!

DID YOU KNOW...Emma Stone likes to use Grapeseed oil as an all over body moisturiser after a shower?   Emma says...'After the shower, I pat it on, and then I'll use it throughout the day and at night. I pretty much smell like grape all the time.'  She uses the Filippo Berio brand which I can say is brillint, I use their olive oil every night to remove my makeup and because I have horribly dry skin it just leaves my skin feeling wonderful so with the grapeseed oil being priced at only £4 I'm definitely going to give that a go!

DID YOU KNOW...Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon actress Michelle Yeoh likes to use a home-made Lemon wash on her skin?  This is a tip for those of you with oily skin as the acid in lemon cuts through the natural oil in the face.  Her tip is to mix the juice of two to three lemons, hot water, and two to three tablespoons of honey together in a jug and use as a face rinse. For not-so-oily skin, add more water to make lemon less intense.

DID YOU KNOW...Eva Mendez, Kate Hudson and Madonna all recommend one product for their youthful and fresh looking skin?  Bet you're thinking it costs a bomb right? Bet you're not even interested anymore because it's got to be an invasive surgical procedure right? WRONG! It's a little pot of magic apparently....Eqyptian Magic to be precise.  It contains olive oil, beeswax, honey and royal jelly and claims to be a powerful moisturiser that soothes redness, rashes and sunburn. It costs just £25 or less so I may be on the lookout for this in the summer because I tend to burn very easily!

DID YOU KNOW...Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge uses Nivea viasage's pure and natural moisturising day cream which is priced at only £5.10!!! Apparently she was spotted browsing through a Boots store in London and came out with this bargain product! Erm...excuse me for just a second...*runs off to the nearest Boots still in PJ's to go and get this!!!* (well if it's good enough for a Princess! It's definitely good enough for me!!)

DID YOU KNOW...Jessica Alba uses the Revlon Custom Creations Foundation, It works brilliantly as a multipurpose product because you can turn the dial to your perfect all over shade and then click up one or two shades darker and use the darker shade in the hollows of the cheek as a contour and bronzer.  Im a big big fan of the Revlon Photoready liquid and powder foundations so I'm curious to give this a go too!

Well guys I hope you found this as interesting as I did because lets face it we all want to live the celeb lifestyle right? but without the celeb price tag so with a few products now i guess we can a little bit...!

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