Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Review...No7 Melting Gel Cleanser

Hey there Beautifuls,  I have a quick review for you guys as you can guess from the title, It's the Boots No7 Melting Gel Cleanser for Normal to Dry skin.

Boots say...'The first step to beautiful skin is effective cleansing. Specially formulated to effectively clear away dirt and impurities, No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser leaves dry complexions feeling as soft and supple as normal skin.'
'The gel develops into a non-drying oil to protect the skin’s natural moisture levels and hydrate dry areas at the same time. It then changes into a light milk formula for easier rinsing, so skin is left residue-free and totally refreshed. What’s more, it’s enriched with rosehip oil to really lock in moisture and offer a fuss-free approach to truly tailored skincare.'

My thoughts? I like it but I'm not blown away... It does feel nice on the skin but used on a full face of makeup it only removes approximately 75% of the makeup (It tends to struggle with mascara and eyeliner) However used with a muslin cloth (if you have you're own because this isn't designed to be a hot cloth cleanser) you dont experience the panda eye problem so much.

You only need a small amount and the transformation from gel to milky texture is gentle on the skin and good for those with dry and sensitive skin like mine, however it does have a floral scent which can be quite over powering so if you don't like scented skincare products then I'd suggest stearing well clear of this...that being said it's in no way an unpleasant scent.

The best thing about this cleanser is the lovely soft supple feeling of your skin after you've cleansed, it doesn't leave a residue on the skin but it does feel moisturised yet clean at the same time.

This retails in Boots stores for £9 however with the infamous £5 off vouchers lurking around at present you can pick this up for £4 if you're quick.

Does anyone have any skin care recommendations? or anyone tried any of the other new No7 skincare range please let me know...

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