Sunday, 4 November 2012

Dove Intensive Repair Leave-In Conditioning & Care Spray...

Hello again Beautifuls!

I'm back again with a quickie review for you of a recent discovery that I've just fallen in love with.  If you've been a follower of my blog for a while you'll probably notice that a haircare review is a little out of the norm for me.  But with the change of weather it's not just my skin that's suffering.  I've been browsing the aisle's for intensive treatments and masks but always turned away with nothing knowing that my hatred for thick gloopy hair masks teamed with my very fine easily weighed down hair couldn't really be catered for...That is until now...
Enter the Dove Hair Therapy Leave-in Conditioning and Care spray.  It's weightless and helps to prevent breakage and split ends which I'll admit I was in desperate need for.  The spray comes as a dual formula with a milky layer and a more transluscent layer which you shake to combine and then mist onto either towel dried, damp hair or dry hair.  I love the spray dispenser for this bottle as it gives a really even fine mist, you don't need much.  I have mid-back length hair and I feel 3-4 sprays is more than enough for my whole head.  I've been using this before blow drying as a bit of a heat protectant and on next day hair for shine and conditioning.  I haven't been using this long enough to know if it's actually doing anything amazing for my hair but since I've bought this my hair has looked a million times healthier and just generally in better condition. 
It's definitely is weightless but I do find that if you have really fine hair like mine you probably will have to wash your hair a day sooner than you normally would.  To be honest I really don't mind this.  I also think this Dove conditioner is great for coloured hair although they do have another version specifically for coloured hair as I recently went redhead and everytime I spray this in my hair it does genuinely make y colour look fresher, more vibrant and richer.  And just to top of the rave...It smells GORGEOUS! It's a scent that is defintely present when it's sprayed but not overpowering but lingers on the hair and I have been told it's quite an 'attractive hair smell' whatever that means! It's a little bit floral with fruity cocktail hints and would be great as a holiday essential I think. 
I picked this up in Boots for half the RRP at around £1.48 if I remember correctly which is an absolute steal! Go and get it! you won't be disappointed. I'm so tempted to pick up a few more while it's on offer just to stock up.
Apologies for not having proper pics guys, the weather has just been so pants and grey and what with it now getting dark at 5pm by the time I'm ready to sit down and blog my pictures all come out pants! :(
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  1. ooh seems like a well priced buy, i love products that spray well, like a fine mist not a concentrated spurt (lol) so i want to try this!

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