Monday, 24 December 2012

Happy Holidays from Es-Jay Makeup...

Hey there Beautifuls
I know I've been just a little more than absent from the old bloggy recently but I just haven't had time to breath let alone sit down and form coherent sentences.

I've started a new job which is demanding to say the least, I'm week 4 into it and there've already been tears and tantrums but I can honestly say it's a dream job and I ALMOST wouldn't change it for the world.

But as I sit here tonight after a long shift on the ward I had this great urge to blog! So naturally I thought I'd do it before I lost consciousness.

This is a post to say Happy Holidays to all my followers and whoever else may come across this post by chance, Whatever your cultural or religious beliefs may be I hope you're all having a wonderful time wherever in the world and thank you for supporting Es-Jay Makeup!

All the best and I shall be writing to all very soon...
Until then
Ciao for now

1 comment:

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