Sunday, 11 March 2012

You are what you eat!

Howdy Beautifuls,

This is just a quick post that I thought might be a bit interesting...

I've picked a few of the things I've really been loving to eat and drink recently and dissected the contents to see just what these things have been doing to my body.  What benefits they have and how they affect the function of my body and mind.  So as the saying goes...'you are what you eat...'  Well this is what I eat so I guess this is what I am...

Morning Green Tea
I'm quite partial to a nice cuppa coffee in the morning but I'm trying to change all that now.  I Now have a cup of green tea in the morning.  Green Tea is full of antioxidants, it has cardiovascular benefits as well as helping to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.  Green tea helps to raise the body's metabolic rate and stimulates fat oxidation.

Black grapes
I love Black and red grapes, so much more than white grapes.  Research suggests that the regular consumption of black grapes can be used to treat as well as help to prevent heart disease.  They actually trigger a process in certain genes which help to repair and reduce damage to cardiac muscles.  Black grapes are also beneficial for brain function.

Pistachio Nuts
Just recently I've become addicted to these little buggers, the non salted kind of course!  Pistachios contain over 30 different vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  They are great for snacking on and are very high in fibre, protein and antioxidants and even have an effect on blood lipid meaning they help lower cholesterol and protect cardiovascular health

Did you know that dark chocolate contains 8 times more antioxidants than strawberries? well it does apparently.  And It's great for anti aging! Now it's only really dark chocolate that has the health benefits which I dont really eat so I guess I'm cheating just a little bit here...

Milk and dairy is full of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and protein which are all essential for healthy bone growth, strength and development. It's also great for the toothicals. Studies have shown those that consume a moderate amount of milk a day are likely to be slimmer and are at a lower risk of cardiac disease and type 2 diabetes.

Now obviously I eat a lot more but these are things that I've been consuming pretty much on a daily basis so I guess I'm about 75% made up of these things!  From the looks of it I'll have a very healthy ticker! *touch wood*

Hope this was interesting for you peeps and I'd love to know what you're all made up of

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Until next time
Ciao for now


  1. Great tips!

  2. I love milk and pistachios (especially salted, unfortunately)! Nom nom nom! That's so interesting in black grapes, will definitely try to eat more of them :) x

  3. Beautiful post, really made me think of what i am eating and what i am doing to my health and body. thank you for sharing this with us.
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  4. I've tried green tea and I can't stomach the taste :-( , but I've heard it keeps your appetite at bay - you feel less hungry? I love you health posts and of course the rest of your blog, but find the healthy posts really interesting and informative.xx

    1. There are varieties of green tea you can get which have a less strong taste- such as lemon with green tea which I prefer. I doubt it would reduce the health benefits (but don't quote me on that, I'm not an expert!)

      Hope that helps! x

  5. I love tea and pistachios. I am your newest follwer, please follow back!

  6. Love the tips! I love green tea even for afternoons when energy level dips a little! You have a lovely blog! Came here via 'blog love therapy' blog-hop and now following! Please check out my blog and follow! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  7. Thanks for the tips! I'm just starting to get into green tea - love the jasmine variety.

    Emma xo

  8. pistachios! faves! been addicted to these for years! this is a great post :) xoxo

  9. I love healthy food and read about it, because you always learn something new!

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    Have a lovely day and stay happy!

  10. So happy I found your blog via Blog Love Therapy Blog Hop! This post is so interesting! thank you for sharing! :)

    XO katie