Friday, 30 March 2012

100 Follower Giveaway...* NOW CLOSED*

Hey there beautifuls

Now I don't know about you guys but when I think of  giveaway I want to give something to everybody!  As the bank man wont allow me to do that I'll just have to give what I can. 

In a nutshell you get one of my beloved Natural Collection apple and Lime body spray, 2 Revlon nail polishes ( a bright coral and a light golden shimmer), A Barry M dazzle Dust, various different shadows including a Rimmel duo, an MUA single shadow, A Loreal Color Minerals Eye shadow, A Loreal Mineral blush, a me me me concealer, Rimmel soft khol liner, Mua gloss, a Body shop Cranberry shower gel, a few samples of various thingies, some love hearts, a bag of mini eggs AND obviously this being a bit of a health blog too I've thrown a few different flavour samples of Twinings teas. PHEW! I wish I could've thrown in a lot more but I pretty much filled up the bag and shipping it is going to be tricky! hehe
All items are new and where possible sealed :D

Due to the weight of the goodies I'm afraid this can only be a UK based giveaway.  I will be doing an international one soon I promise!

The rooools!

1. You must be a follower (it's pretty self explanatory but this is a giveaway for my followers therefore it should be exclusively for them)

2.  You must comment on this post and not any other as let's face it...I'm lazy and I like things simple! hehe

3.  Please comment stating 1. which one of my posts you liked the most 2. What post you'd like to see from me in the near future and 3. you may ask me one question...please keep them clean people!  Obviously if I feel they're too personal I won't answer but I shall do my very best.

4.  This is a giveaway and the winner will need to disclose their address for me to post the items. I know you can't really see me but you can rest assured all your personal details will be treated with the utmost care and confidentiality.  This also means that if you're under the age of 16 please ensure you have a parent or guardian's permission to disclose your personal details.

5. In your comment please also leave me an email address or some way of contacting you should you win.

A very big thank you again for following and all new followers are welcome so get clicking that little tiny 'follow' button and I'll be yer friend forever :D
well I guess that's all there is left to say except...

'Happy giveaway...and may the odds be ever in your favour!'


  1. I follow you on GFC and my email address is :)

    1. The post I liked the most was the You Are What You Eat one - I thought it was so interesting!
    2. I like your monthly favourites posts so I'd like to see more of those!
    3. What's your favourite beauty product of all time?

    Great giveaway x x x

  2. I follow ya and my email is:

    1. I liked the lipstick collection even though it made me so jealous haha!
    2. I would like to see kind of review posts!
    3. Why did you decide to write your blog?

    Lovely give away, hope I win haha!

  3. I follow via GFC - Louise x
    My email address is:

    1. I liked your monthly favourites post
    2. I think you should do a 'what's in my wardrobe' as I'm nosey!
    3. What one beauty item could you not live without?

    Great giveaway by the way xx

  4. Hello and thanks to you writting so awesome blog and also congratulations for 100 followers! This is a great giveaway, hope I win. :3

    1. Do I really need to decide for just only one post? I love all posts about health. If I need to choose then I'll : Another health blog? I really respect people who care about themselves.

    2. I would love to see reviews or meybe top 5 best / worst make- up items you ever buy.

    3. What make-up product do you trust and love the most and why?

    I follow you on Google friend connect. Contact:

    Have a lovely day girl!<3

  5. I follow via GFC - Rebecca <3

    1) I love reading your reviews as well as the health posts, they're different to what other blogs do so I love reading them! :)

    2) To be honest, keep doing what you're doing! You do a nice range of posts so they don't get boring! But maybe do a few tags as I'd love to get to know you a bit more! :) (perhaps just do a post answering the questions people ask you on here!!)

    3) What are your top ten holy grail products?

    Thanks so much for this AMAZING giveaway!! xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Congrats on all your followers missy :]

    Email: beentheredonethatgotthelipstick[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk

    1. I love your haul and monthly favourites posts (because I'm nosey)

    2. I would like to see 'whats in my...' type posts. Same reason as above. lol

    3. If you could only use one item of makeup for the rest of your life what would it be? ooooh


  7. I'm a follower :) and you follow me back too.


    1. I love your haul posts, especially 'oops look what happened by accident...'

    2. I would like to see reviews maybe of your nail polishes? Especially the Mermaid one by Topshop!

    3. If you were an animal, what do you think you'd be? :)


  8. I don't want to enter (you are probably thinking I am a weirdo!) but I just wanted to say what I would like to see in the near future and ask you a question...
    1 - I would like to see your full makeup collection (like a review on everything!) or What's in my bag/makeup-bag/purse etc.
    2 - What is your favourite hair product (you have lovely hair)
    <3 :D

  9. Well done on getting this many followers :) Great giveaway!
    Email - sarajayne-laker(@)
    or my blog :)
    1. I liked the March Favourites post because the S ring is just amazeballs ;)
    2. Your fave clothing items for spring/summer.
    3.If you was stuck on an island what 3 things would you take with you?

  10. Nice giveaway!



  11. Well done on the 100 follow milestone! :)

    I've followed you for a while through GFC.

    My favourite post would be the one about lip balms, simply because I'm a lip balm addict!

    I'd love to see more posts about what's in your handbag and your makeup bag - is it really obviously that I'm nosey? Haha. I'd also like to see product reviews - skincare, makeup, etc. But to be fair, I follow your blog because I really like it, and like what I read already so I wouldn't be disappointed if you didn't do any of those.

    My question for you would have been what your five favourite beauty products are, but it seems that you've kind of been asked already. But from reading your blog I see that you love the Body Shop more than I do, so what's your favourite Body Shop item?? :)

    Awesome giveaway!


  12. Congrats on the followers!
    Followed via GFC.
    1. I like your hauls & your review on Vitamin E Skin Care
    2. Fav hair product & more reviews.
    3. When did you started blogging?

    Check out my blog :)

  13. Nice blog and giveaway and congrats on reaching 100 followers, how exciting! I've followed you :)

    1. My fave post is the superdrugs cloth cleanser
    2. I'd love to see more posts with more skincare reviews and also haircare as well
    3. My question would be 'what made you decide to start writing a blog?'

    You can contact me through @missholly_82 on Twitter or through my blog -


  14. Well done for reaching 100! I've been following you for a little while and love your blog!
    GFC: Courtney Giles

    1. I love your post on 'You are what you eat'
    2. It would be lovely to see some more Lush reviews! Your reviews so far are great.
    3. Seeing as you review a few skin products (Loved the hot cloth cleanser one), my question would be, what are your favourite skin products for your usual daily skincare routine? :)


  15. High five for reaching 100 :) I've just found you on here via the blog hop, and i thought why not enter, what have i got to lose :) my email is :)

    1. I love your favourites post, the way you set them out and go into a fair bit of detail is nice :)
    2. Maybe something like, your make-up storage if that makes sense? Where you store it all and where you do your make-up, i've not seen anything like that before but it would nice to see someone else's take on it on a blog other than on youtube :)
    3. My question is going to be, do you believe that blogging has opened new doors for you or sort of, made you grow as a person?

    Keep up the good work, Louisa.

  16. Great blog hunny! Found you on the Blog Hop :)

  17. Indeed I was one of ur very first followers ;-)

    1. I really love that u do a whole variety of posts - but maybe the Lush review ones just about slightly edge it!

    2. Keep doing what ur doing already, after all, variety is the spice of life :-) be kool to see some of ur outfit ensembles though & more on what jewellery u have.

    3. Hmmmm... If u could be part of any movie, which one would it be ?

    Awesome giveaway btw, really r too kind & generous! xXx

    1. ** and why

      Love the Hunger games sign off ;-)