Thursday, 29 March 2012

100 followers!!! Aaaaaah! Exciting!

Howdy beauts!

Well this is rather exciting! Obviously those with squillions of followers will have long outlived the 100 milestone but for me it's all fresh and new and very very EXCITING! Did I mention it's exciting?!

Obviously I should be thanking each and every one of you amazing lot so of course there will be a giveaway.  I'm currently collecting things for the giveaway which will have a little bit of everything in it (including some choccy...oooh yum!) But thank you again, whether you followed today or last year I still gots love for ya! And when life gets you down and everything's looking rather pants :( it's nice to know that there are lovely people out there leaving me lovely little comments and liking my humble little bloggie!

Now there will very soon be a post will all the technicalities  and a look at all the goodies you can win, but this is just a post to acknowledge just how beautiful and amazing each and every one of you is, and to thank you very very much for taking time out of your busy lives to read my posts and like them enough to follow!

Phew! People do say I talk a lot!

Enough waffling for now but I shall be seeing you all very soon with my giveaway details.  Until then...

Ciao for now World :D



  1. I was your 100th follower! :D

  2. Yay! Thanks so much for following and Please enter the giveaway when it's live, It's my birthday soon so I was thinking to maybe start it then, or announce the winner then...hmmm lol


  3. You now have 101 ... even more exciting xxx

  4. Congrats girl! x

  5. Well done lovely xxx very exciting x xv

  6. Congratulations! Hope one day I'll reach 100 followers too. ;) Stay awesome<3

    xMarusa from

  7. well done! Im looking forward to reaching this soon (fingers crossed) each follower means alot!
    Shana x x

  8. Congratulations on reaching 100 members and I'm excited to see your giveaway reveal! Stopping by from the blog hop, hope you'll visit and would you like to visit each other?

  9. I cant wait until I reach 100 followers... I have 37 darlings following so far :)



  10. Welldone!! you deserve it your such a lovely person i love reading your comments and your blog is great!
    congratulations on your 100, ill be there soon hopefully :) xx