Thursday, 30 August 2012

Empty products #1

My little box of empties...

Facial Skincare bits...

Hair Related bits and bobs...

General Creepy baby faced products...

Hello Beautifuls

Apologies if this post seems a bit rushed but I am well aware of my lack of blogging recently and my absolute backlog of things I need to blog about but I shall try my best I promise...
I've been collecting this little stash of empty bottles, jars and packets for quite some time now and thought...'it's about time you wrote that empties post and said adios to the unecessary clutter my friend'
So to give you a quick overview of the products and my thoughts on them I'll start with the face related products. 
* Neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit daily scrub - I liked this scrub, I found it gentle enough for my dry sensitive skin and the exfoliant (a very fine sugary consistency) was gentle enough for everyday use.  It didn't dry out the skin and didn't leave that tight after-feel that some cleansers can do.  It is scented with a light refreshing grapefruity citrus scent but it's not at all overpowering and I found it to actually be quite uplifting in the morning.
*Clinique liquid facial soap extra-mild - This is the one for very dry to dry skin which should cater for me perfectly but somehow it just doesnt.  I find it's too gentle if that's even possible of a cleanser but what I mean is it just doesnt cleanse. I do however LOVE the gel version of the liquid facial soap, I would even go as far as to say it's probably the best gel cleanser I've ever used to date... Big statement! This cream version no no!
* Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser - do I really need to bang on about this any more..? I love it, It's brilliant, I'll always have a bottle of this in my bathroom cabinet and if that's not enough for you.. HERE's the link to my full review
* The Body Shop Aloe Gentle exfoliator for sensitive skin - I hated this! I'm sorry body shop but this product really didn't react well with my skin, it broke me out something horrible and left my skin red raw despite being marketed for sentive skin and when I returned it to the store to ask for a refund or atleast an exchange incase the product was faulty...the sales assistant refused to help and said I should just continue using it until it 'got better'.  Erm anybody else out there think I'm crazy in thinking this stuff isn't going anywhere near my face again...?! So yes technically this isn't an empty product but I'm quite happy to put it in the bin and never look back!
* St Ives Apricot scrub - This particular bottle is so old it's in the old packaging before it was reformulated.  Have to say I much prefer the new packaging and new formulations as they now have a sensitive version but I like using this once or twice a week for a bit more of an 'intense' exfoliation.  It doesn't break me out, always leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh and is one of those products I know I can always rely on to do the job!
* The body shop Nutriganics foaming facial wash - This is designed to help combat the first signs of aging.  I'm not sure if I actually saw any anti-aging effects whilst using this however it is only and little 50ml bottle so who knows if it may have done with long term use.  To be honest I only got this because The Body Shop had a 3 for 2 offer on all their smaller products and this was my impulse free cleansed fairly well, the foam was gentle and left my skin comfortable.  It has a bit of a natural light organic scent which was quite pleasant to use actually...
Hair related products...
* Rituals Sumo Force strengthening shampoo with Bamboo and Ginseng - I remember buying this a long time ago in the hopes that the strengthening vitamin and mineral formula would magically transform my thin fine hair into wonderfully voluminous thick locks but obviously that's not what they meant... What this shampoo claims to do is provide your hair with a little added boost of nourishment to help strengthen the roots and give your hair the leg up it needs.  Does it do that? I didn't think so until this bottle finished and now I'm missing it quite a bit and so is my hair, I just hope they havent discontinued this or I will be sad :(
* Alpecin double effect Shampoo for hair loss - To go hand in hand with my Rituals Sumo force I've also been using this caffeine based shampoo to help stimulate the growth of hair at the roots.  Yes I really want those long luscious locks and to be honest this shampoo works wonders.  I'd recommend this to anybody who is suffering with hair loss at the moment as you will notice a difference in the amount of hair you lose and the general strength of your hair.  I wouldn't say I lose more hair than the average person but because I have very fine thin hair I'd like to keep as much of it as possible for as long as possible and this is doing a brilliant job of helping me on my quest :D A word of warning though, it has a very strong scent which in the beginning gave me headaches like no other but the results were worth it and no I don't even notice the horrendous smell :D
* Batiste Tropical dry shampoo - This is the mini purse size can.  It smells to me a bit coconutty with a hint of pineapple..? anyody else agree? This does an average job of refreshing the hair and gives you another day without washing but then leaves you with greasy gritty hair the next day which needs to be washed asap!
And finally the misc odd bits...
* Johnson's baby Skincare Wipes - I generally keep a pack of baby wipes hanging around (I always feel baby wipes are somehow gentler because they're targeted towards baby's sensitive skin..?) just to freshen up the hands and face or for makeup cleanups and mishaps while applying and tend to go through them quite a bit.  There's not really much I can say about these except, they were fine, they have that 'baby product' smell, they did the job and the baby on the front of the pack is really creepy!
* Dermatological E45 Cream - I always have a tub or tube of this lying around and I think I always will, It's great for any dry patches on the hands, face or body and is specially formulated for dry skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.  It workes wonders on my dry sensitive skin and with winter fast approaching again..I'm keeping well stocked up on my E45 friend :D
Wow that was a long post, and now folks I'm off to do some serious recycling! Joy!
Until Next Time
Ciao For Now World

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