Sunday, 28 September 2014

Mustard on my nails...

EI'm not usually a paint my nails kind of girl and I didnt even have them done for my wedding. Shocking for a beauty blogger but all that is changing slowly.

I'm still not a cuticle pusher backer or a file em down to perfection girl but I have recently been enjoying kicking back in front of some trash tv and slicking on a fresh lick of paint.

At the moment I have Barry M's latest offering Mustard on my nails.  As the weather changes I'm enjoying the transition from brights and neons to more muted dirty colours.  Having picked up the entire Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Autumn collection *looks sheepish* I figured I would review them all seperately.  So far the verdict on Mustard is a positive one, I've had numerous compliments from complete strangers in stores to the ever hard to please spouse... shock horror!

The formula of this range I have found to dry slightly quicker than their previous offerings however this shade did begin to chip after 2-3 days whereas I have had Greenberry on my nails for well over 7 days before I noticed any wear and tear..

Does anybody have any Autumnal recommendations for polishes while this new love of painted nails overcomes me...?

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  1. Mustard is one of my fave colours, I neeeeeed this!