Thursday, 21 April 2016

NYX Cosmetics comes to Boots stores...

Yes! You heard right... NYX Cosmetics have hit Boots stores.  You could not imagine my excitement as I was browsing through my local Boots store just picking up the usual bits and bobs when I spotted the stand.  Understandably there were women swarming over it like flies on... (Y'know) but I still managed to spend a good 20 minutes just slapping a bit of whatever I could get my little mitts on all over my hand and swatching like a mad woman.  

I knew I wanted  a good look at the soft matte lip creams so after swatching whatever I could I decided on the shades Abu Dhabi and Cannes.  Abu Dhabi being the browner of the two shades and Cannes being the pinker.  I also picked up the liner brush and the brow pomade in black as I actually wanted to try this for eyeliner.  Since picking up these products I've actually been back and picked up a couple of other bits so expect another little haul post featuring NYX and a first impressions post once I've had a good play with them all.  If anybody has any recommendations from NYX then please let me know as I have a feeling I'll be a regular at that NYX stand for the foreseeable future.

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