Thursday, 10 September 2015

Nip and Fab Bee Sting Eye Cream...The verdict

After posting this picture on Instagram a fair few weeks ago it got quite a bit of attention and I promised a full review with my thoughts after I'd spent a bit more time using it so this is what I'm sitting down to type up for you today.

Having used this now for quite a while, about 9 weeks to be exact I'm still a little bit torn.  Nip and Fab is a brand that always intrigues me when I step into a Boots store and I often spend a fair few minutes perusing their interestingly named products which claim to contain quite innovative ingredients.  Not only do they have a Bee Venom range but also a Viper Venom and Dragon's Blood range to name a few.  Not going to lie it's the Bee Venom that initially attracted me to this product but actually when I started using it my under eyes just drank this up and loved me for it.  There is a slight feeling of a tingle or tighten when first applied but now I don't even notice when I put it on but it's become a staple in my daily routine and am quite enjoying the thick creamy texture for my dry papery skin.

The reason why I say I'm a little bit torn about this product is because before using this I was using nothing for an eye cream and so I can't differentiate between whether  it's actually the Bee Fix that reduced the puffiness and dark circles or whether ANYTHING would have given the same results given the utter deprivation my under eyes were experiencing.  I will however give the product its dues as it has reduced some of the puffiness, my dark circles seem to be lighter and although I haven't noticed a huge difference on the fine lines I was concerned about I think it will take a lot more use and persistence to impact those crows feet but I will continue using it as the Nip and Fab website does claim big things from this little yellow tub of craziness and I'm hoping it delivers.  I'm intrigued to try some of Nip and Fab's other products so if anybody has any reviews or has tried any of their other products and has any thoughts on them please do let me know...

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  1. Quite interesting packaging... Great review. Gutted you didn't see any different after using the product