Friday, 3 February 2012

Health blog part 2

Hello again beautiful world!

As promised this is the part 2 to my previous healthy eating post with just some tips and tricks on how to get more active to go alongside the healthy eating aspect of things.

  • Everyday Housework - I know it's boring and I know nobody wants to do the housework but it has to be done so why not try and make it fun, stick on your favourite song and have it loud and proud, once you get started you wont even notice that you've given yourself a good workout and your house is in pretty good shape too!

  • Just recently I've gone and bought Just Dance 3 for the Nintendo wii.  It's a little bit embaressing when you have an audience and you're fumbling about 'trying' to dance but after a few songs you get into the swing of it, begin to really enjoy it and before you know it, you've worked up a sweat and you're burning calories.  It's a great way to get fit and have a bit of fun with the girls!

  • If you're like me and you enjoy watching beauty videos on youtube or blogging from your Iphone then you're probably on your phone 24 hours a day.  Instead of just sitting or lying around while watching videos why not get on the treadmill or my favourite, the exercise bike, and start working out.  Your mind will be occupied with what you're watching and you wont even realise that you're finished a whole workout routine or burnt 100 calories in just the space of one video.  I'm the sorta girl who constantly watches the timer on exercise equipment and as soon as the timer hits 10 minutes I'm up and off to lounge on the couch but this way if I watch 3 10 minute videos I've done my 30minutes without really feeling it.
  • If you're in the UK like me then you'll know exactly just how cold it is so maybe leave these tips for when the country's thawed out a bit but when the weather's nicer try ditching the car and walking to the corner shop, or getting off the bus 1-2 stops earlier and walking the rest of the way.  It's an easy way of getting a little bit of extra exercise into your daily routine and you'll save money on petrol money and bus fare.

  • I was sitting around with some friends a short while ago and asked if they'd be interested in taking up kick-boxing classes with me?  I'm quite interested in getting fitter but also learning a bit of self-defence and because I have such fun with my friends I wouldnt see it as a chore taking a regular class.  Find something that you'd really enjoy and maybe get some friends and family involved, that way you can also encourage eachother when you're feeling lazy and not motivated to get up off the sofa.

I hope this was helpful for you guys and I'm sorry it's taken a while, I recently had to go into hospital for a minor invasive surgical procedure and I'm still feeling a bit groggy and sore but all's well that ends well and better late than never I say.
What're your exercise tips and tricks? I'd love to know!  Please leave me comments and dont forget to follow my blog!

Ciao for now world


  1. Sorry to hear about your hospital trip, hope you're all better now!
    I've recently joined a gym and am hoping to get healthier, its true about the classes, being with others all in the same boat after Christmas makes it much more fun and seem easier!

    I should really do the house work too...!

    1. Awww Thank you my lovely! Yup I'm feeling a bit better now, always well enough to blog though! :D It definitely helps to be with people with the same interests and dont think of it as going to lose weight, see it as going to see some friends and have a laugh, if you're paying for it, you may aswell enjoy it right?


  2. Yay for health blogs! :-D

    Hmm just dance with certain munchkins sounds like an idea ;-) groovy baby!

    Kickboxing sounds.. Like torture

    Hope u make a full recovery soon, hun! xx

    1. Awww thank you my lovely! hugs and kisses xoxo

      kickboxing sounds like sooo much fun, especially if there's a man there that you can kick the you-know-what out of! :D

      Tahnks for commenting and keep checking back for more beauty, health and random blog jobbies!