Monday, 6 February 2012

My top ten Lush picks...(requested)

Howdy beautiful world!

This blog post was requested by the lovely Eva - Link to her Blog. She's a fairly new blogger so please everyone go and show her some love and support! :D

I just want to say thank you to Eva for putting a request down, It's my first ever request for a post and it made me feel all warm and special inside, Like my opinions were not only valued but actually wanted...(ok enough of the gushy stuff)

These are my top ten Lush products which were actualy much harder to pick than I thought would be, I guess there's a lot of Lush to love and not enough words.

1. Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie - I Love this, and anybody that knows me would have guessed that this would be my number one Lush product.  It smells gorgeous and I always feel really special when using this.  I do believe this is a bit on the expensive side but I only use it at special times when I want to pamper myself so it's totally worth it.  Smells of luscious roses and jasmine, leaves the skin feeling soft and silky with a light rosy scent. Perfection! Full review on the shower smoothies HERE

2. Hottie Massage Bar - I remember going in to a lush store after a long hard shift in the hospital just looking for a quick pick me up when the sales assistant told me about the new massage bar that was especially great for tired muscles.  She gave me a lovely hand massage with the Hottie bar and sent me on my way and as I got home the more I smelt my hands the more I fell in love, I had to go and get one, and since then there's been no better cure for my tired achy muscles.  I think it's the ginger oil that works so well on soothing the muscles and the rounded knobbly shape gives a great massage!

3. Porridge Soap - This is another product that brings back lovely Uni memories. This was the first Lush soap I'd ever tried I think but I used to use it almost everyday when I was at in my first year of Uni.  The oats in the bar make for a good exfoliator and it smells like honey, treacle and yummy things.  I will always go back to this soap no matter where I am or what I'm doing just to bring back those great memories

4. Twilight Bath Bomb - I was sold the twilight bath bomb by a lovely sales assistant who said that it would change colours and leave me looking sparkly like Edward Cullen. Enough said I think? hehe  Smells like lavender and caramel which has a lovely soothing and calming effect just before bed.

5. Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask - This is more of a recent discovery but I seem to be liking it so far, Leave skin feeling lovely and soft with quite a calming scent too.  Brightens the complexion and the almond shells make for great exfoliators.  Full review on this mask HERE.

6. Each Peach Massage Bar - Another massage bar, I did try to keep as much variety in my top ten as possible but I also wanted to be true to my actual favourites and what can I say? I love the massage bars.  This contains Grapefruit, mandarin, lime and sweet wild orange oils to uplift the mood and help keep you feeling jolly throughout the day.  Apparently they also help combat depression which is perfect as I'm fighting not to be depressed with this horrible weather.

7.  Honey I Washed The Kids Soap - This soap tends to be one of the most popular Lush soaps.  It smells sweet and caramelly with a real piece of honeycomb on top for a natural exfoliator should you wish to use that end.  Can get a bit sickly after a while of using but I love the creamy texture it gives and the softness of the skin after.

8. Golden Wonder Bath Bomb - I know that this is discontinued now and was only around for christmas but I loved it so much that I thought it definitely deserved a mention, and apparently it may be out again this year so I'll be eagerly awaiting it's arrival from the Lush santas. Full review HERE

9. The Comforter Bubble Bar - This was the first ever Bubble bar I smells like lovely berries and turns the bath water into and pink paradise with the bubbles being light fluffy clouds.  You get a huge bar so I can usually get away with 4 baths from one of these making it good value for money too.  It leave feeling warm and snuggley and very comforted

10. Sweetheart Soap - This is a newer product only out for valentines day I think but I loved it so much it had to have a mention.  I was in Lush the other day and I was trying all of their lip tints on my hand when I am I going to get all of this off?!  The sales assistant turned on the tap at the sink and left me to my devices which is where I saw a little chunk of the sweetheart soap, i tried it washed my hands and left without a second thought but thats when the magic started.  All I could smell was the Jasmine, Mandarin and Vanilla and my hands were lovely and soft and naturally I spent the rest of the day smelling my hands and wondering when I'd be able to pop into Lush again so I could pick this up....It's safe to say I'm in love...again!

There it is my lovelies.  Hope it was interesting and useful to you all.

Please leave me comments telling me if you found this helpful at all and what your favourite Lush products are, I'd love to know! :D

Hope you're all happy and healthy

Ciao For Now World!



  1. Hey! Thanks for the post :) It looks like I will have a list of products to check out when I go there next time, which I am definitely going to do. I already bought Lush Cupcake mask, and I loved it. That was the first step of my path of "Lush addiction" I guess :D their products smell really, really good, and I just can't wait to get back to that store! :)

    1. Awww that's alright hun, it was my pleasure! :D I was so happy to do it for you, Hope u like these products as much as I do! Let me know how you get on with your new addiction! :D