Friday, 13 April 2012

The 'Blog of Beauty' Tag...

Hey there beautifuls

I was personally tagged to do this by the lovely Pretty Paper Dolly and thought seeing as she ever so kindly tagged me to do this I should do it. Oh and pop over to her blog and show her some love please, shes awesome! :D

Rules -

1) You must answer all 5 questions

2) You must tag 6 other beauty blogger's

3) You must link the blogger who tagged you in your post

The 5 questions -

1) What is your favourite part about blogging?
* I don't know about anyone else but I guess I just get excited about discovering new products or showing you all what I've been buying recently, or even just helping someone to eat healthy and keep fit, It feels so satisfying when I get asked health related questions because that is what I have studied and toiled 4 long hard years to do and it makes it all worthwhile I guess...

2) Is there something you dislike about blogging?
* Hmmm sometimes I guess it becomes a bit of a 'follower' centred thing where the more followers you have the better your blog is when in reality, if I have 5 followers who absolutely love my blog and follow because they can't wait to read my posts, It's better than having 50 followers who have only come over because I asked them to.  Hope that makes sense! lol

3) What are your favourite types of posts to read?
* I love beauty related posts obviously, mostly makeup reviews and hauls but I also love health posts and nursey related posts, I'm quite keen to keep updated on what new developments there are on the health front.

4) What's your favourite post from your own blog?
* Hmmm I suppose this is my moment to toot my own horn! lol but I'm not sure really I suppose my 'You are what you eat' post was quite popular and I'm quite fond of my 'Inspired' Posts too...

5) Which beauty product do you want to purchase due to reading another persons blog?
* OOh there is no way I can just pick one product for this post but I suppose if we're talking brands then Topshop makeup in general due to Zoella's raves about their Infrared Lipstick especially...

I Just want to thank the lovely Pretty Paper Dolly for tagging me to do this tag and I'm going to cop out and say I tag everybody! lol There're too many wonderful bloggers out there but to pick a few I'll say....
The Gorgeous Goldilocksx0

and the wonderful Courtney Giles

Cant wait to read other people's answers

Welcome to all the new followers and thank you so much for your wonderful comments...Until next time

Ciao for Now World



  1. Thankoo for tagging me :) going to do it now and post it in the morning! xxx

  2. Thank you for tagging me! Just did my post xx

  3. Great post! And you just reminded me I don't own any Topshop makeup, I have to sort that out!!!

  4. Hi,

    I love your blog and i've nominated you on my page! check it out :)

    Paradis: Versatile Blogger Award

    lizzi x x x

  5. Hey lovely, i have awarded you the Liebster Award! :D

  6. hey! ive awarded you the liebster award :) xxxx