Sunday, 22 April 2012

Update at midnight...

Hey there beautifuls!

I'm sitting here late at night seeing as the kitten has fallen asleep and I've got some time to myself I thought I'd give you guys a bit of an update.

1. Muezza should have gone to another home today but the lady that meant to have her had some personal issues and we're unsure of whether she can have her at all now (fingers crossed for Mu please, She needs a good loving home).  If it was up to me I'd snuggle her and never let her go but I have a pregnant sister-in-law who it scared whitless and a mum that's wheezing away.

2.  I finally got to try the Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser and although I will have a full review coming up, I have to just say, I reacted really badly to it and I hate it!  As much as I wanted to love this with it's rave reviews everywhere I go I just did not get on with it and my love for my Superdrug vitamin E hot cloth cleanser has grown even more.

3.  I have a job interview on Thursday, wish me luck as my cosmetic addiction needs funding and at the moment pennies are fair and few haha.  I've been told that I was recommended for the job personally and that I have a good shot and without giving you guys too much information I'm really hoping I get it as I need some normality in my life.

4.  This is a little bit personal but a few years back I suffered with panic attacks, horrible panic attacks in very crowded public places and I thought I'd left those behind me however a week ago I had an attack sitting in Costa with people staring at me and it wasn't very pleasant I tell ya!  I did try taking Kalms at one time but didn't really see a difference? Can anybody recommend anything for panic attacks or if anybody swears by Kalms can you please let me know? I'd relly appreciate it

Thanks for listening to me waffle on about what essentially is a load of idle chit chat but I can tell ya writing this has taken a load off my mind :)

Please continue leaving me your lovely comments and thank you again for sticking by me and following my humble little blog.

Until Next Time

Ciao For Now World



  1. Hey! About panic attacks - look for rescue remedy by bach - they do sweet things or drops or sprays etc! I swear by the night rescue remedy - it genuinely works (I was very surprised). There is a non-night one too but it tastes really strongly of alcohol aha! :) Hope this helps:) Oh and good luck with the interview!


  2. OOO good luck with the interview I'm sure you'll do great, and where did you get the liz earle? xxx