Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Kitten diary...

Hey there beautifuls

If you're wondering where I've been then here it is...

Her name's Muezza (moo-eh-za) Meaning valued or cherished in arabic.  She was already named and it's such an unusual but beautiful name I didn't want to rename her.  So meet Muezza.  She's beautiful, she has white paws and blue eyes and she's adorable but a lot of work.

Being a baby she's demanding a lot of attention but after only having her two days I love her, she's a part of the family and we could sit and laugh for hours about her funny little kitten antics!

The problem...? She's flared up my asthma and my mum's had an allergic reaction to her too and we may have to say goodbye :'(

I spent a long time yesterday trying to detatch myself from her and prepare to give her away but all I could do is cry, I don't want to give her up.  Anybody got any suggestions or advice for keeping a kitten?

In other news things have been a bit crappy, but Mu's getting me through it.

I should have some proper posts up soon I promise

Ciao for now World



  1. she's so beautiful! I hope you don't have to send her away :( xx

  2. so adorable. Noooo, you will be sad if she has to go :'(
    Cerys ♥

  3. Awh, shes the cutest :) Not sure what you could do, it'l be sucky if you have to give her away. Hope it all works out.

  4. Awwrh she's so cute - hope you get to keep her!
    I've just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award - hope this cheers you up just a little!
    Tasminaaa x

  5. Aw so sad to hear this. I had the same problem last year, a kitten got dumped on me at work and I took him home to discover I have a severe allergy and my face swelled up! We found him a loving home, so I know he is being well looked after :)


  6. awww little cuttie!! I remember when I got my Blanket, he was only 4 weeks old. I got so attached to him right away! I would hurry home from work just to be with him.
    Im sure there are things you can do to help with allergies, you should google it. I would not want to give her away....

  7. Sooo cute! And its such a shame your having these probs :-( I suggest contacting a vet and finding out if there are any remedies