Sunday, 11 January 2015

New Year tips...Ditch the sugar!!

Unless you're mixing your sugar with some olive oil and scrubbing it on your body then you shouldn't be going anywhere near refined sugar if you're thinking of looking after your body in 2015.

Now I have a major sweet tooth so this isn't as easy as it sounds, I should know!  But once you've quit sugar you'll never want to go back.

First let me tell you why you should quit sugar:

  • Added sugar is just empty calories, There are absolutely NO nutritional benefits to added sugar but a LOT of added calories, which will do nothing for your New Years resolutions and you will probably continue to put on weight.
  • Sugar that cannot be metabolized effectively is stored and turned into FAT! Also while the liver is desperately trying to metabolize all the sugar you've just consumed in that can of coke, it's not metabolizing your breakfast, or your lunch, or anything else.  Sugar SLOWS down the Metabolism, slowing down the rate at which you breakdown the food you eat and the rate at which you will lose weight.
  • Excessive sugar consumption can cause the body to become resistant to the insulin hormone and we know where that will eventually lead...DIABETES!
  • Sugar has been highly linked to Obesity levels, High Cholesterol, Heart Disease and even Cancer.
Now these are just some of the harmful effects of excessive refined sugar consumption, I could probably go on and on about why sugar is bad for you.

Try substituting refined sugar for sweeter alternatives, Honey, Sweeteners, Agave Nectar.  Substitute full fat/full sugary drinks such as Coke with their 'zero' or diet alternatives and look for the sugar free options with squashes and fruit juices.

Add berries and fruit for a naturally sweet hit to breakfasts and cereals or smoothies and for a treacly hit chop up some dates or sultanas.

Does anybody have any other tips for quitting sugar?  Please leave me a comment and let me know... xxx

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