Friday, 30 January 2015

Using up my Lush Stash...

So Tonight's post comes to you directly from the bath! I picked up some of the new Valentines editions from Lush and thought it was about time I started using up some of the Christmas products I'd been hoarding! 

Amongst a lot of Yog Nog soap bars and a few of my beloved Butterbears I found this crumbling mess of a Santa and thought why not treat him to a nice hot bath, he really looked like he could use one!

It's never been a secret that I absolutely adore Lush products, I've always found their products so innovative and some simply beautiful.  I still remember the first time I stepped into a Lush store and just simply got lost for what seemed like hours just playing and smelling all the different products deciding on what to put in my basket.  It was love at first sight and it's been a match made in heaven ever since...

Stay tuned for many more Lush related posts and tell me in the comments below what your favourite Lush products are...


  1. Oh I loved the butterbears!! I'm so jealous you got the new valentine items! I haven't been able to get to a shop!

    1. I only have 1 butterbear left in my stash! I'm saving it for a special day, The valentine's collection is so good especially the unicorn horn!

  2. i laughed a little read your post. great post hun