Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Kylie Jenner craze...How to get the look

If you haven't heard or seen some sort of Kylie Jenner related post or tutorial then you've probably been living under a rock!  Kendall and Kylie formerly only known for being the younger half siblings of Kim Kardashian have really begun to grow into their own and Kylie's look has probably been one of the most re-created looks of 2014. 

Kylie's look is defined by the big fluttery lashes and of course the full nude lips.  After doing some research into the actual products Kylie uses to create her look and watching a lot of KJ inspired tutorials I think I've managed to suss out her look and how she creates it.

  • Find a high coverage foundation.  Something without any SPF as it's most likely Kylie wears a foundation that's not going to leave a white cast or flash back when being photographed.
  • Define the brows, She has a definitive arch and quite a full thick brow, again you're looking for something that's going to last a long time and photograph well so I'd recommend an eyebrow pencil rather than a liquid pen.
  • Add a light wash over the lids with a matte rather than a shimmery skin toned shadow and define the crease and lower lash line with a mid toned brown.  This is just a general eye shadow look for KJ however as she has many different looks but this is her more 'go to' look.
  • Sometimes she has a bit of a cat flick going on, so any cream or gel liner should do the trick for this with a khol pencil in the waterline.  The real key with Kylie's eyes is lashes! Full fluttery lashes, the Ardell whispies would be perfect for this look.
  • The lips being the key to Kylie's entire look I have desperately tried to find the exact products she uses.  I know she uses the MAC lip pencil in Soar which judging by it's recent sell-out in most stores, I think has become public knowledge too.  However according to Kim she only uses MAC's Soar and Spice pencils to achieve her full nude lips and just fills the entire lip with the pencils, no lipstick or gloss required.  To achieve the full lip look without the use of surgery use your chosen pencil to slightly over draw the natural outline of your lips, line straight over the cupids bow without accentuating it to give a fuller upper lip and use a slightly deeper coloured pencil on the outer edge of the lip and slightly lighter colour to fill to fake a full lip.

Has anybody else become as obsessed with KJ's looks as I have?! If anybody has any dupes for the products she uses please link them below as I'd love to feed my Kylie Jenner obsession!

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  1. I've been using lip pencils to fill my whole lip for ages! I don't have a dupe but I like to fill my whole lip with lip liner because they last longer since they are a bit drier to begin with.